Screaming Females – THE ROADHOUSE, MANCHESTER – This is a common Tuesday night. But this is also that kind of night in which you can have just a couple of beers so as to get away from the everyday paraphernalia or experience an inspirational eye-opener and realise that you should really follow your dreams. Let’s bet for the second option. One goes into the Roadhouse, whose doors will close by the end of May (such a pity!) and feels like... Read More


The Roadhouse, in Newton Street. Image courtesy of Google Maps Iconic Manchester venue The Roadhouse is set to close, it has been announced. The Newton Street venue, which has been open for 22 years, is set to close its doors for the final time on June 1. The venue will hold a series of special one off gigs and club nights, before the final show will be held on May 31. The venue has played host to the great and the good of rock over its more than... Read More


Ritchie Young His music is featured heavily on the Boxtrolls soundtrack, and he fronts the Decemberists’ favourite group – “dream pop” act Loch Lomond. Hailing from Portland, Ritchie Young is used to being surrounded by a dazzling array of instruments onstage. But the 39-year-old has opted to strip that away for a more laid back UK solo tour. I caught up with him at Manchester’s Roadhouse. Your band’s named after a very famous Scottish... Read More


Future of the Left – THE ROADHOUSE, MANCHESTER – Andrew ‘Falco’ Falkous is an angry man. The Future of the Left singer is not only responsible for some of the best straight up rock music this country has produced in the last decade, but also a misanthropic outpouring that could make Charlie Brooker blush. Tonight the welsh band hit The Roadhouse, and while it’s a little bigger than their last outing at Soup Kitchen it’s nowhere... Read More

LIVE: DUM DUM GIRLS / PINS – 03/05/2014

PINS – THE ROADHOUSE, MANCHESTER – “Are you waiting for us? I didn’t get the memo.”  The opening words as PINS begin their co-headline show with Dum Dum Girls at the Roadhouse.  The room is packed, so much so that it is difficult to see the band on stage from only a few rows back. The opening song of the set is a new one, it’s called ‘Curse These Dreams’ and despite its lyrics claiming “I hear... Read More

LIVE: ARCANE ROOTS – 09/04/2014

– THE ROADHOUSE, MANCHESTER – Arcane Roots are no strangers to the road, in fact this is about their third visit to Manchester in the past year. The Kingston-based trio have been working hard on the live circuit which is not a bad thing at all, but with the Manchester shows having been modestly attended, I’m hoping that our city steps things up to tonight and gives this excellent band a full room. Luckily, they do, and what is even... Read More

LIVE: ROYAL BLOOD – 17/10/2013

– THE ROADHOUSE, MANCHESTER – I’m not sure whether its because I’ve really submersed myself in it this year, but 2013 sure has been a great year for new music, particularly bands coming out of the UK. There has been a slow rise in the amount of two piece bands too, proving that you don’t need a stage full of people and equipment to make the most noise. Royal Blood very much back up that point.The Brighton-based... Read More

LIVE: DRENGE – 15/10/2013

– THE ROADHOUSE,  MANCHESTER – Let’s not ‘fuckabout’…Drenge totally, completely, 100 percent rule tonight. The Loveless brothers (amazing name) from Castleton tear through their debut album, imaginatively titled Drenge, with all the exuberance that youth brings at The Roadhouse, a fitting venue for their down and dirty music. The room is packed to the rafters, and with good reason; it’s so refreshing to see two kids just going... Read More

LIVE: JUNGLE – 10/10/2013

– THE ROADHOUSE, MANCHESTER – During the opening dramatic instrumental which shakes yet innocently chimes around The Roadhouse, it is clear what the audience are thinking; “Any minute now those green-tracksuit clad, roller-skating guys are going to dash enthusiastically on stage.” A thought which takes on deeper significance when ‘The Heat’ begins to jive around the somewhat confused audience, the video of which completely... Read More


In Guanajuato, Mexico, nine girls bail out of two 4x4s and immediately start their freaky dancing. Each wearing a different animal mask, what starts off as debauched, playful film soon descends into something a lot darker and sinister. Under the watchful eye of a lone cockerel – this one not in hot pants – the girls / animals engage in ritualistic violence, offset by the gleeful paranoia of ‘Bye Bye Land’. The video was co-Directed... Read More

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