Album Review: North Atlantic Oscillation – Fog Electric

It’s been two years since North Atlantic Oscillation crashed into this planet of ours and tackled the preconceptions of the different musical amalgamations that were already lingering about. Back then, I found Grappling Hooks to be a triumph. One of my first experiences with their music was set to the background of a beautiful sunset in gritty old Manchester, stuck in traffic. Back then, it swept me off my feet and left me longing for more. It would... Read More

ALBUM: North Atlantic Oscillation – Grappling Hooks

North Atlantic Oscillation, sounds like the technical name for a cyclonic Inuit dance doesn’t it, when in fact it’s a climactic phenomenon that controls the strength and direction of westerly winds and storm tracks across the North Atlantic. In this case it’s also the name of a fascinating, experimental rock band from Scotland – not known for affecting the weather.They are, however, a storm of conflicting styles and time signatures that... Read More