After a sleep of sorts it’s a new day and the weather is holding out again as it did yesterday. First things first and it’s time for breakfast then time for me to see what all this Portmeirion Village fuss is all about. From where we are camped it’s maybe a three or four minute walk to the village and it doesn’t take me long to see how mad this place is and why science fiction programs have used it as a backdrop. It really is as ace as everyone... Read More

LIVE: KINDNESS – 22/03/2012

- SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER - I am underneath a kitchen. Upstairs they’re serving soup. On tonight’s menu: Kindness, the creation of London lad, Adam Bainbridge. His name has been floating about the online music atmosphere since 2009, but now in 2012 he has released his debut album, ‘World, You Need A Change Of Mind,’ produced by French dance producers, Cassius. The sound of Kindness can be described as off-kilter funk, heavily inspired by... Read More