Album Review: Dinosaur Pile-Up – Nature Nurture

Leeds rockers Dinosaur Pile-Up are back with newbie Nature Nurture, which aims to rock your socks and Y-fronts off. After a number of lineup changes, singer/guitarist and bandleader Matt Bigland has settled on drummer Mike Shiels and James Sacha as the bassist to help him continue on his merry way. I remember these guys getting a lot of press space and air-play when they released their debut Growing Pains in late 2010. They convinced me to fork out... Read More

SINGLE: Dinosaur Pile-Up – Mona Lisa

‘Mona Lisa’ is the first single from Dinosaur Pile-up’s forthcoming debut album, Growing Pains.  The Leeds three-piece makes no qualms about their love of the Foo Fighters, and this single certainly makes a fitting tribute.From the get-go there’s a pervading US, 90s feel; the late 90s particularly, where grunge metamorphosed into jock-rock.  And like that latter period there’s a marked lack of the grunge era’s defining anguish, and... Read More