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    - THE RITZ, MANCHESTER – Since this tour was announced I’ve been super excited. Firstly the fact that Atlanta rock band Manchester Orchestra are headlining The Ritz is a triumph in itself, but with Brooklyn songwriting maverick Kevin Devine in main support with his GodDamn Band backing him up? Thats pretty sweet! And then opening […]


    LIVE: THE JIM JONES REVUE – 28/09/2014

    - SOUND CONTROL, MANCHESTER – In an era when music is increasingly subjugated to seamless production, studio chicanery and the pursuit of a flawless product, it is refreshing to find a band who still celebrate the raw ebullience of a live performance, and find their triumph with the masses and not behind a studio mixing […]

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    -CAMP & FURNACE / BLADE FACTORY , LIVERPOOL – Where better to hold a celebration of psychedelia than Liverpool? As a major port city, Liverpool was the gateway to the new world for so long, the hub through which new ideas flowed and the unknown arrived. Not only that, events like this are unlikely to […]

  • besnard_lakes

    LIVE: THE BESNARD LAKES – 30/09/2014

    - THE RUBY LOUNGE, MANCHESTER – ‘Are you guys the leftovers who missed Psych Fest?’ (referring to last weekend’s event in Liverpool) teases Jace Lasek from the stage at the modestly assembled crowd in front of him at the Ruby Lounge. Amongst the yeahs and whoops someone from the back of the crowd replies ‘you […]

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    LIVE: WOMAN’S HOUR – 27/09/2014

    - THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – Arc lights pick out silhouettes as Woman’s Hour take the stage, pick out the edges of the pyramids that front the album, angular, scattered around the stage, pick out the softer edges of Fiona James, who fronts the band. It’s a look that mirrors the pared back, silhouette sound […]

  • the Horrors

    LIVE: THE HORRORS – 27/09/2014

    - THE ALBERT HALL, MANCHESTER – A strange conflict lies at the heart of The Horrors. There’s no question that in their best moments they have an urgency and intensity that few of their contemporaries can match. But when that white heat is not apparent – and for nearly an hour tonight it wasn’t – […]

  • Angel Olsen

    LIVE: ANGEL OLSEN – 23/09/2014

    - GORILLA, MANCHESTER – Angel Olsen is pissed off with Manchester tonight, despite the sweatshop that is Gorilla being packed to the rafters with people from far and wide; some of whom had got the bus and were willing to risk missing the last one in order to see an artist they obviously admire (you’ll […]

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    LIVE: YANN TIERSEN – 24/09/2014

    - MANCHESTER CATHEDRAL, MANCHESTER – Yann Tiersen must have taken quite a fancy to Manchester Cathedral. 3 years after his Dust Lane tour, he has returned to the enchanting venue that befits him so perfectly. His latest album Infinity, has been labelled an experimental ‘mini masterpiece’ and whilst at first listen it may seem sporadic […]

  • JAWS

    LIVE: JAWS – 22/09/2014

    - THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – A plethora of giddy teenagers outside the venue make me feel ancient but inside I feel quite smug.  I’m quietly confident that tonight in the tiny but charming confines of the Deaf Institute will be a triumphant success for JAWS and that I will have managed to take this […]

  • First Aid Kit

    LIVE: FIRST AID KIT – 20/09/2014

    - THE ALBERT HALL, MANCHESTER – Tonight, a sold out Albert Hall plays host to Swedish sisters First Aid Kit.  I arrive at the venue shortly before the emergence of support act Jo Rose and already the room is filling up fast.  It’s not long before space becomes very limited. I enjoyed a support set […]

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    - THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – I don’t know what it is, and I think it’s more than the accent, but Scottish music of late has had a signature sound. It’s influenced by their own countrymen, many of whom they have seen grow to huge international success from familiar beginnings that it has formed a […]

  • DZ Deathrays

    LIVE: DZ DEATHRAYS – 19/09/2014

    - NIGHT & DAY CAFE, MANCHESTER – The listing calls it Thrash Pop, which I don’t really like, and I think it’s been called Dance Metal. I read Pop Rock somewhere which I thought was the kind of stuff the Goo Goo Dolls make. I made up Avant Hard because I thought it was funny […]

  • SOHN

    LIVE: SOHN – 17/09/2014

    - GORILLA, MANCHESTER – Sohn, aka Christopher Taylor, strolls onto the dry iced stage in a sweltering Gorilla, black hoodie pulled over his head, looking every bit the mysterious, enigmatic electronic artist we see so much of today. Taking his seat at a keyboard at the front of the stage, flanked by a couple of […]

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    EP Review: The Costellos – Mini EP

    The Costellos are a young band based in the north-east and get regular airtime on BBC Radio Newcastle. All aged 20, the 4 members combine to create a smooth, easy rock sound, reminiscent of Stereophonics’ ‘Maybe Tomorrow’. The band’s output is purely internet-based for now (links below), thus their music is easy to access. Three […]

  • Wild Cub - Youth

    Album Review: Wild Cub – Youth

    Wild Cub present their début album in a flourish of melody-heavy and anthem driven tracks with the aptly named ‘Youth’. The Nashville based outfit, assembled around frontman/guitarist Keegan Dewitt and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Bullock, have quickly erupted across the United States and are now set on emulating such success in the United Kingdom. After recently releasing […]

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