• Wolf Alice

    LIVE: WOLF ALICE – 26/03/2015

    - THE RITZ, MANCHESTER – Hype Machine named them the UK’s most blogged about artist of 2013 and then in 2014 they were named Breakthrough Act Of The Year at the UK festival awards. So it’s fair to say a lot has already been written about tonight’s headliners Wolf Alice, and their growing stature has […]

  • SoKo

    LIVE: SOKO – 25/03/2015

    - THE RUBY LOUNGE, MANCHESTER – French actress, musician, singer and songwriter, Stéphanie Sokolinski, known as SoKo, is finishing up her 14-date European tour in support of brand-new album My Dreams Dictate My Reality, her second LP, with a couple of UK dates. Tonight is the turn of The Ruby Lounge to host her show, […]

  • Sleater-Kinney

    LIVE: SLEATER-KINNEY / PINS – 24/03/2015

    - THE ALBERT HALL, MANCHESTER – “Pins hail from your fair city, and they’re awesome!” When the likes of Sleater-Kinney’s Corin Tucker offers up such props to their support band, it’s worth paying attention.  The US alt-rock legends have a reputation as first class BS detectors, and Manchester’s Pins are – in every way – […]

  • Wilko Johnson

    LIVE: WILKO JOHNSON BAND- 18/03/2015

    - THE RITZ, MANCHESTER – “Man, there’s nothing like being told you’re dying to make you feel alive”. Wilko Johnson did mean those words in a recent interview, and we have some irrefutable evidence of this tonight. The gig of his Still Kickin’ tour is short but pretty intense (it barely takes an hour and […]

  • The Subways

    LIVE: THE SUBWAYS – 24/03/2015

    - ACADEMY 3, MANCHESTER – The house lights come down and 3 revolving police lights come on, two blue and one red. The room fills with dramatic introduction music and voices greet us in many different languages. It’s not long before The Subways walk out into the flashing light. They receive an enthusiastic welcome and […]

  • Kim Gordon & Dave Haslam - Photo Francesca Nottola


    - MARTIN HARRIS CENTRE, MANCHESTER – Go online, check out any Sonic Youth video from the 1990s with Kim Gordon in it and observe her. Any reasonable woman who was a teenager in the 1990s would want to be Kim Gordon. Everything about her was cool: cool band, cool music. We thought she did not […]

  • Warpaint - Photo: Peter Rea

    LIVE: WARPAINT – 22/03/2015

    - ALBERT HALL, MANCHESTER – An energetic aura surrounds Warpaint – these 4 ladies from LA have together developed a way of conveying a message with deep sincerity and emotion, whether it be about darker times, or simply about having fun. Their spirit of adventure is evidently infectious – there’s disappointment at the door for many, at this, one […]

  • 1910630_778255918861837_5119378463263887055_n

    LIVE: CLOUD CASTLE LAKE – 18/03/2015

    -GULLIVERS, MANCHESTER – On Tuesday night, Gullivers was heaving as the crowds swarmed to watch their hometown prodigy Kiran Leonard. Tonight it feel as if the crowd has just left to the last drones of ‘Geraldo’s Farm’ as barely 20 people stand in the audience for Cloud Castle Lake. The hype for this band which […]

  • Kiran Leonard by Manox

    LIVE: KIRAN LEONARD – 17/03/2015

    - GULLIVERS, MANCHESTER – Tonight, we are part of a chosen few who are lucky enough to hear songs from Kiran Leonard’s new album Grapefruit, coming later this year, for the first time. There is no better audience to unleash a set of new songs at like a hometown audience and that is exactly what […]

  • Vessels

    LIVE: VESSELS – 16/03/2015

    - SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – Vessels’ recently released album Dilate is something of a departure from their lean, guitar-focussed Slint-via-Radiohead post-rock stylings. Previous record Helioscope is a brilliant, greyscale exercise in tension and release and where Dilate still uses similar dynamics in terms of building layers to a dramatic climax, this time it’s in glorious […]

  • 1376588_986486261377562_93966403878766553_n


    - ACADEMY 2, MANCHESTER – It could be that I’m biased in favour of anything Nordic, but it seems to me that Northern Europe always walks proudly on an independent path, away from mainstream styles, genres and attitudes. Tonight at the Academy 2 (justifiably sold out) I am blessed with the experience of Swedish-Argentinian singer […]

  • Dead-Meadow

    LIVE: COSMOSIS – 14/03/2015

    - ANTWERP MANSION, MANCHESTER – The website insists that this venue didn’t used to be a squat… to be honest, it looks as though it still is a squat. Graffiti covers  any area that’s reachable, inside and out – electric extension leads twist through holes in the walls and ceiling like overgrown vines – the […]

  • Clinic

    LIVE: CLINIC – 13/03/2015

    - THE NIGHT & DAY CAFE, MANCHESTER – As I make the trip to Manchester tonight to finally see Clinic perform, it occurs to me that the Liverpool band of electro-psyche obscurists have always been on the periphery of my musical ‘default setting’. What I mean is, I listen to quite a lot of music […]

  • Underworld

    LIVE: UNDERWORLD – 13/03/2015

    - ALBERT HALL, MANCHESTER – I’m not sure how I feel about full album shows. On one hand, if you love the album it’s great – you know what’s coming and you know the band will play your favourite song from it because, er, they have to. On the other hand, there’s no surprise, there’s […]

  • Radkey

    LIVE: RADKEY – 06/03/2015

    - NIGHT & DAY CAFE, MANCHESTER – Home-schooled and raised on a diet of the Ramones, Misfits and Zeppelin by their manager father, Missouri based three-piece Radkey have earned many plaudits for their live shows.  They’re in town for a one-off UK appearance to celebrate the conclusion of the recording of their debut album in […]

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