LIVE: THE NME AWARDS TOUR – 26/02/2015

    - THE RITZ, MANCHESTER – The NME awards tour has seen some huge names over the years. From Coldpay to Arctic Monkeys, they’ve had them all. It’s a tour that guarantees a great headliner and some brilliant up and coming bands. However this year, I feel that the NME have divulged into the punk direction […]

  • The Cribs

    LIVE: THE CRIBS – 25/02/2015

    - THE RITZ, MANCHESTER – When I look back on my teen years and the bands I use to adore, it makes me sad to think that those bands are now defunct or still clinging on to fame by releasing the same records. The Cribs are one of the few bands from this period who […]

  • Krill

    LIVE: KRILL – 23/02/2015

    - GULLIVERS, MANCHESTER –  I first heard about Krill thanks to the founder of their former UK label Blood and Biscuits writing a genuinely honest description of how great Krill are and how great their album Lucky Leaves is. So as a fan of the label, I obliged, and subsequently fell in love with this Boston based […]

  • 5a594870-3834-0132-b71f-6249a9c8222f-large

    Album Review: Public Service Broadcasting – The Race for Space

    Public Service Broadcasting is a band that ought not to be able to release more than one album. The formula of putting music to samples of archive footage is something at first arresting; it’s the sort of simple-but-effective idea you can’t believe nobody has exploited properly before. However, having heard the band’s fascinating debut record […]

  • Lydia Ainsworth

    LIVE: LYDIA AINSWORTH – 19/02/2015

    - GULLIVERS, MANCHESTER – Lydia Ainsworth looks elegant tonight, bedecked in a sweeping knee-length white coat with a brooch hanging from her neck. Manchester’s turn out is paltry in comparison, as the small numbers make Gullivers’ normally throbbing wooden floor seem empty, helping it to feel more like a heartless conference hall rather than one […]

  • George The Poet

    LIVE: GEORGE THE POET – 20/02/2015

    - ANTWERP MANSION, MANCHESTER – There’s a palpable sense of excitement in the line for Antwerp Mansion. Down an unlikely sidestreet, off Rusholme’s cumin-flavoured neon strip, I wait with the gaggle in the rain. I’m waiting for the paper-street grandeur of Antwerp Mansion, where ornate ballustrades rub shoulders with mysterious graffiti and flaking paintwork. It’s […]

  • The Wave Pictures

    LIVE: THE WAVE PICTURES – 20/02/2015

    - THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – It’s Friday night and what better way to start the weekend than visiting a sold-out Deaf Institute for some live music? Tonight’s visitors are The Wave Pictures, touring on the back of new album release Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon. The album was co-written and produced by Billy Childish. […]

  • warondrugs2_wide-051d250c2d3dd788b222118374516d248e9ea9ec-s4-c85

    LIVE: THE WAR ON DRUGS – 19/02/2015

    - THE ALBERT HALL, MANCHESTER – No, not the ill-considered government policy, but rather the band from Philly, back for their second sold out gig at Manchester’s gorgeous Albert Hall. (And who needs that pale London imitation, right? Our Albert Hall bleeds royal blood.) If the support seem a bit, well, shit – kind of […]

  • Girlpool

    LIVE: GIRLPOOL – 18/02/2015

    - SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – Soup Kitchen is heaving tonight. That’s because we are about to watch Girlpool, the surprise package of 2015 who have inspired support from nearly every blog and quarter going, despite comprising of just two women with two guitars. This hype may seem perplexing to many, as unlike the breakthrough acts […]

  • Gallery Circus

    LIVE: GALLERY CIRCUS – 14/02/2015

    - GORILLA, MANCHESTER – Talented is a word we often use when describing musicians, and rightly so. It is only right that we shine a light on the ability of those who put themselves out there for our entertainment. Anyone who has ever performed, or has even been around performers will testify that it takes […]


    LIVE – NISENNENMONDAI – 17/02/2015

    - SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER –  This is my 100th Silent Radio review, and I’ve still no idea what I’m doing. It’s only appropriate that I’m, typically, at an intimate gig for a band that I’d not heard of 2 weeks ago, until recommended by editor Simon Poole. Soup Kitchen is filling up nicely, as you’d […]

  • Gruff Rhys

    LIVE: GRUFF RHYS – 13/02/2015

    - ACADEMY 2, MANCHESTER – It’s probable the name John Evans means nothing to you, but he has an extraordinary story which was given a new lease of life by Gruff Rhys. Via his album American Interior with accompanying book, documentary and mobile app, the former Super Furry Animals frontman details Evans later life as […]

  • Ex Hex

    LIVE: EX HEX / PRINCESS – 12/02/2015

    - SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – By the end of their short five song opening set, South Dublin’s Princess have sensed, stalked and snared an initially passive Manchester crowd.  Ostensibly a two piece recording project, tonight Liam and Aoife are supplemented by a full band and are now equipped with the artillery to deliver.  Their approach […]

  • Hiss Golden Messenger


    - THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – Last time Hiss Golden Messenger (HGM) graced the stage in Manchester, it was MC Taylor alone on a Sunday night, pacing the stage like a pent up prisoner in front of a measly crowd. Despite tonight’s venue being just a few minutes away from the Soup Kitchen basement, it […]

  • LIVE: GAZ COOMBES – 11/02/2015

    - GORILLA, MANCHESTER – Last time I was at Gorilla, I was watching Neneh Cherry kick out ‘Buffalo Stance’. Tonight it’s former Supergrass frontman Gaz Coombes, who begins his set with none other than, Buffalo. An apt continuum, indeed. Make no bones about it though – unlike Cherry who belted out a few former big […]

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