• Kiran Leonard

    LIVE: KIRAN LEONARD – 25/08/2016

    – THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – Kiran Leonard is Greater Manchester born and bred, but he is far removed from the brit-pop indie stereotype that many Mancunian musicians have followed. Perhaps it’s because he was too young to have grown up engulfed by the likes of The Stone Roses and Oasis, his style is nothing […]

  • Julianna Barwick

    LIVE: JULIANNA BARWICK – 23/08/2016

    – THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – The Deaf Institute is a more sophisticated place than normal tonight. Decked with four rows of chairs and soundtracked by some choice ambient music between acts, the chatter rarely raises beyond a murmur. There’s certainly no crowd noise during opening act Tiny Leaves. The project of composer Joel Nathaniel […]

  • 13512157_1054315284605012_2774515376110345648_n

    LIVE: MORRISSEY – 20/08/2016

    – MANCHESTER ARENA, MANCHESTER – Before I venture to the Manchester Arena I stop off at my favourite pub on Oldham Street, Gulliver’s. I cannot be arsed paying a tenner for a couple of Fosters when I get to the venue, the worst fucking lager going. With a lovely San Miguel sat off in my belly, […]

  • Miracle Legion photo by Brendan Downes

    LIVE: MIRACLE LEGION – 18/08/2016

    – THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – Connecticut’s Miracle Legion became a fixture on the campus radio stations run by college and university students in North America during the 1980s. Since my teens in Manchester I’ve been retrospectively in love with their contemporaries from the ‘college rock’ days, bands like R.E.M., Hüsker Dü, The Replacements and […]

  • Arc Iris - Moon Saloon


    Rhode Island’s Arc Iris released their self-titled debut album way back in 2014 and have been on the rise ever since. Building a fan base through supporting artists such as St. Vincent on tour and working with producer David Wrench (who has worked with big names such as FKA Twigs and Jamie xx) isn’t doing […]

  • Exploded View


    Halfway through listening to debut single ‘No More Parties In The Attic’ a few months back, it was apparent Exploded View were about to become my new favourite band. UK-born Anika’s deep and languid vocal style is mesmerising, over infectious, groovy baselines and trance-inducing beats. Their sound conjures images of the ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’ late 60’s New York art/music […]

  • Expert Alterations

    LIVE: EXPERT ALTERATIONS  – 27/07/2016

    – MONO, MANCHESTER – Having had what seems like daily band practices in a friends cellar over the last 3 weeks, I arrive at Mono wondering how I’ll react hearing some music played in a space where you don’t feel like you’re constantly obscuring someone’s view no matter where you stand. However I soon realise […]

  • Deap Vally

    LIVE: DEAP VALLY – 26/07/2016

    – NIGHT & DAY CAFE, MANCHESTER – Deap Vally from California make abrasive rock music, combining the riffs of Arctic Monkeys’ humbug days with vocals not unlike those of Alabama Shakes. Their songs are instantaneous, with catchy choruses smacked right up against razor teeth sharp guitar shredding. Just three songs in, Lindsey Troy the lead […]

  • Beat-Herder Festival 2016

    LIVE: BEAT-HERDER FESTIVAL – 15-17/07/2016

    – THE RIBBLE VALLEY, LANCASHIRE – Ah yes, the return of Beat-Herder. The Ribble Valley’s own dance-in-the-forrest fest has grown in its 11 years from a mere 2,000 capacity to a bustling 10,000+ turnout, so really, they’ve gotta be doing something right. The event has become somewhat of a Lancashire institution over the last few summers and […]

  • Lola Colt

    LIVE: LOLA COLT – 14/07/2016

     – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – Hot on the heels of their second album release Twist Through The Fire Lola Colt cram themselves into the shabby chic surrounding of Manchester’s Soup Kitchen.  I have had the good fortune of watching Lola Colt twice at both Cosmosis and Liverpool Psych Fest and was impressed by their widescreen […]

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