• The KVB

    LIVE: THE KVB / PINS / MENACE BEACH – 28/08/2015

    – SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – So, its just gone 7pm on this Friday night and I’m stuck in work. I have that Friday feeling though so all is good! I get a text from my mate to say that the first of three bands that I’m due to go and see after work, are on […]

  • beachhouse

    Album Review: Beach House – Depression Cherry

    Is Beach House sticking two fingers up to the tyranny of change on their fifth album, Depression Cherry? Perceived wisdom maintains that constant musical transition bears the seal of authenticity. Arguably, titan, critically adored bands look like snakes constantly shedding their skins. The Beatles took a glorious trip from exuberant rock ‘n’ roll to the […]

  • FFS

    LIVE: FFS – 25/08/2015

    – THE ALBERT HALL, MANCHESTER – Musical collaborations are often viewed with scepticism and fraught with the apprehension that it’s the band that are getting more out of the project than the audience. The overall feeling is that something isn’t quite right and the sooner things return to normal the better. FFS must have had […]

  • Photo: Peter Rea

    LIVE: DEERHOOF – 24/08/2015

    – GORILLA, MANCHESTER – Deerhoof are 20, and remain edgy. That’s quite an achievement. The 4-piece band, born in San Francisco, have survived a few line-up changes over the years, but the current members have performed onstage together since 2008. Maryland drummer Greg Saunier was joined in ’96 by Tokyo singer Satomi Matsuzaki, and Guitarist John Dieterich (2001), was later joined […]

  • Peter-Broderick-620x420

    LIVE: PETER BRODERICK – 18/08/2015

    – ANTHONY BURGESS FOUNDATION, MANCHESTER – I did not know who Peter Broderick was until I saw the Mancunian gig advertised. I listened to a few songs and I decided to go and check him out live. I trust Hey! Manchester and I like going to the International Anthony Burgess Foundation because they have an […]

  • Spector-Moth-Boys

    Album Review: Spector – Moth Boys

    CHEVY THUNDER, CHEVY, CHEVY THUNDER!!! Sorry, love that tune. Anyway, Spector return with their second album, Moth Boys, which is an ambiguous title to say the least and baffling to someone not in the know like myself. What the fuck is a moth boy and where can I find one? Answers on a postcard please. […]

  • Esper Scout photographed by Dave at Northern Face Photo

    LIVE: ESPER SCOUT – 15/08/2015

    – FALLOW CAFE, MANCHESTER – August in Fallowfield is the depths of tumbleweed season, with students having committed their post-graduation mass exodus a month previous and a new influx of freshers still several weeks away. Even Saturday night is quiet, with the closure of the once-prominent Baa Bar adding to the eeriness. However, one local […]

  • FAUX036

    Album Review: Monotony – Monotony

    Monotony is the ‘evil twin’ of DIY crusaders Sauna Youth (Jen, Rich, Chris, and Lindsay forming both bands). Limited to 300 copies, this 12″ is delightful in its shouty A to B delivery, providing post-punk goods. Boasting a scuzzier sound compared to the SY side of the yin-yang of the two bands, this recording has […]

  • Frank Turner

    LIVE: FRANK TURNER / PJ BOND – 10/08/2015

    – NIGHT & DAY CAFE, MANCHESTER – These kinds of nights are usually a rarity from artists that have reached the stellar heights of Frank Turner. Not for him, this was a welcome return to the Night and Day Café, following his previous gig in January. There is no going through the motions and familiarity […]

  • The Mynabirds

    LIVE: THE MYNABIRDS – 06/08/2015

    – THE CASTLE HOTEL, MANCHESTER – Tonight’s line up features two fantastic solo artists, Sobi and Elle Mary, and the headlining indie band, The Mynabirds. This line-up is sure to get many people off the couch and into The Castle, but the fact that it is free, yes free, has just served to nearly double […]

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Much of the mainstream media has now lost touch with the everyday music fan.They treat music as a commercial product, when it should be treated with care and passion.

At Silent Radio each individual writer is exactly that, an individual, all with their own unique tastes and views on music. Many publications/websites will ‘tell’ you who is good and who is not. This is wrong, and we are here to inform, and hopefully in the process help you find new music.

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