LIVE: EZRA FURMAN – 20/05/2015

– THE CASTLE HOTEL, MANCHESTER – “I love music, like I never ever get sick of it and even when I feel like I am going to, something out there just surprises me. It’s like life in a way.” These are the words Ezra says tonight, as he draws his set to a close. It […]

LIVE: PITY SEX – 19/05/2015

– GULLIVERS, MANCHESTER – If you’re in a lo-fi shoegaze emo indie punk band, you can expect a number of your fans to be introverts. It appears they’re all out tonight – standing awkwardly, faces pointed towards the foot of the stage with hands in pockets, making sure they don’t invade someone else’s personal space. There are a […]

LIVE: JACK GARRATT – 19/05/2015

– ACADEMY 3, MANCHESTER – Anticipation is heated for young Jack Garratt tonight, as is the Academy 3 unsurprisingly, it’s always heated in here. The room is packed full of a surprising variety of young and old, all here to bare witness to Island Records’ latest protégé. His debut EP Remnant released in 2014, emerged through […]

LIVE: THE MEMBRANES – 15/05/2015

– ACADEMY 2, MANCHESTER – Sleaford Mods made an inspired choice with asking The Membranes to support them in Manchester. Their brash muscular punk will appeal to enough in the room, but is the right side of obnoxious to thoroughly piss off any non-believers, thus ensuring everyone is fired up by the time the headliners […]


– GULLIVERS, MANCHESTER – New Zealand folk singer songwriter Hannah Hardings’ English-accented singing voice is strong enough to have drawn comparisons to Vashti Bunyan, but it’s not as though she’s  really forcing it, like Joanna Newsom. The delivery of her lyrics – which one could envisage were written on a remote farm, free from technology – seem all too natural to […]

Album Review: Fight Like Apes – Fight Like Apes

Last year Fight Like Apes delivered one of the best pop songs of 2014. ‘Crouching Bees’ saw the Dublin-based outfit smarten up their thrashy electro-pop sound with plush production, ice cool synths and the ever sharp vocal work of front lady Mary Kate. It seemed like after nearly 10 years of being a band, Fight […]

LIVE: SLEAFORD MODS – 15/05/2015

– ACADEMY 2, MANCHESTER – It’s just on a week since the Tories secured an unanticipated majority and with apathy and anger found in equal measure on social media, where better to be in the flesh than amongst the rabid fury of Sleaford Mods? Taking cues from Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Sleaford Mods […]


– GORILLA, MANCHESTER – American Football a band that mean a lot to people. They only ever released an EP and one album back join 1998 and 1999 respectively, then they split up, ventured off on their own paths, leaving behind their single stunning full length effort, the self titled American Football. Instantly tagged with […]


– THE RUBY LOUNGE, MANCHESTER – New material from a pioneer of a scene can all but confirm the revival of a genre. Swervedriver were at the forefront of shoegaze in the early 90’s, along with other UK bands such as Ride and Slowdive. Their personal development took onboard American influences Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth, as […]

LIVE: THE MACCABEES – 13/05/2015

– THE RITZ, MANCHESTER – When I was growing up and I had to listen to those Bible readings that turned me into an atheist, I only knew these Maccabees. Then, when I moved to Manchester to make Griffin and Farage happy, I started hearing about these other Maccabees, also because the other ones are […]