- THE ALBERT HALL, MANCHESTER – The last time I saw Godspeed You! Black Emperor (GSY!BE for now on for ease) was on their comeback from hiatus in around 2011 at the beautiful Troxy in London, and it was a thing of utter beauty and joy. For me (and many others), GSY!BE are the post […]

LIVE: FINDLAY – 18/04/2015

- GORILLA, MANCHESTER – It’s difficult to see where Natalie Findlay’s immensely powerful voice emanates from. 3 guitarists are needed to keep her on check. The late 90’s post-punk playlist fades, and smoke fills the stage, as her band members enter this almost full venue to ‘Down In Mexico’ by The Coasters; a song recently revived by […]

LIVE: DUKE GARWOOD – 11/04/2015

- THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – Sometimes, the choices you take by pure chance really do you well. Duke Garwood gives us an evening of seminal intimacy and peace of mind at Manchester’s Deaf Institute. In fact, this venue seems perfectly suited for him. To be honest, I end up here only because I didn’t manage […]

LIVE: BEN KHAN – 14/04/2015

- SOUP KITCHEN, MANCHESTER – Not a lot is known about Ben Khan. He hasn’t done a lot of interviews, he’s not big on the ol’ social media, he’s only released one EP (the stunning 1992) with another one on the way, and rarely plays live. I can’t even (shock!) find a Wikipedia page for him. What we […]

LIVE: NADINE SHAH – 14/04/2015

- THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – Due to the typically dismal weather, beer gardens are in short supply in Manchester. On the rare occasion like tonight where the sun still shines gloriously at gone half seven, every flimsy metal table outside a bar is keenly occupied. The smartest amongst those are supping up quickly to […]

LIVE: THOMAS TRUAX – 09/04/2015

- GULLIVERS, MANCHESTER – There is sometimes a chasm between lives led, and lives we would want to lead. Most of us spread ourselves an inch thin and a mile wide, diluting ourselves to satisfy the multifarious demands of life, and lose something of ourselves in that process. Credit then to those who find another […]

LIVE: I AM KLOOT – 10/04/2015

- THE ALBERT HALL, MANCHESTER – It’s the first time seeing I Am Kloot live and I’m very excited it’s happening at my favourite venue, the Albert Hall. Expectations are high, and they are definitely exceeded. These gentlemen are called John Bramwell (vocals, guitar), Peter Jobson (bass) and Andy Hargreaves (drums) and they provide a […]

LIVE: MOON DUO – 08/04/2015

- ISLINGTON MILL, SALFORD – Moon Duo would most likely fill a larger venue, which makes tonight’s album launch even more special – those lucky enough to gain entry to this sold-out show get to experience the band in this intimate space, with it’s low ceiling and incredibly loud and clear sound system. Whatever comes at us through those speakers is […]

LIVE: JESSICA PRATT – 07/04/2015

- THE NIGHT & DAY CAFE, MANCHESTER – For me, it is easy to remember the first time I heard Jessica Pratt’s ‘Back Baby.’ It was when I was sat on my scruffy computer chair, expecting just another normal acoustic song, when suddenly I was absolutely blown away by a song that sounded like an […]

LIVE: ERRORS – 04/04/2015

- THE DEAF INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER – I’m so pleased to be watching Errors. I’ve missed the Scottish ‘post-electro’ band every time they’ve toured for one reason or another, and the only glimpse I’ve had of them live was a couple of songs at the end of a Bestival set in about 2012 that I stumbled […]