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(Insert: Opening statement about how, like everybody else, I discovered them through a certain viral hit that appeals to anyone with a sense of humour regarding inhaled narcotics.) The obvious appeal with this particular 3-piece is the straight forward, 3-chord mimicry of classic punk which is tied in with their Australian background and the various lyrical topics of which that entails. Using ‘We Are The Champions’ as background music to their stage entry in conjunction with the increasing clamour of the audience gives off a sporting event aura, complete with beers being thrown around and the unfortunate presence of sweat-laden dudes lacking in shirts, to the presumed detriment of the spectators in close proximity.

One by one, they tick off a string of subject matters as varied as ‘doing pingers’, public transportation/sausage rolls, sexually transmitted diseases (even delving into audience specifics), the guitarist himself and even lung infections amongst others. This direct approach is delivered in a shouting format typical of the punk/pub rock revival/retrospective proliferation, which suits the style yet does little to really innovate or articulate anything beyond crude humour. The drummer’s fills grow tedious as their set progresses, almost as though he is appropriating a generic ‘punk’ drum pattern without really giving much thought about how rhythmically deflating it is to witness, but then again that’s just their chosen methodology. The frequent dynamic shifts in pace are welcomed but even then their formula dilutes, newer songs being introduced appear moot as their resemblance to older cuts does little in the way of variety.

The most surprising part about this whole performance would be the wrong footing (briefly) of the audience by playing their signature track (Wanting to be left alone while on?) around the halfway point by claiming it as a new song, turning the central part of the building into a crashing wave of euphoria. It highlights that in a way this is all The Chats want to achieve; everyone essentially having a good time and losing themselves which in turn feeds the receptive enthusiasm into their playing and stage antics. They admit they aren’t perfectionists in any way, yet they fulfil the basic principles of what is expected of a high energy rock band and execute it to the best of their ability, which is completely fine, analytics aside. I don’t want this article to be construed as entirely negative as evidently people enjoyed themselves but it just felt a bit recycled; although I doubt the audience or band would particularly care about this observation. Despite missing the opening acts, they made a few appearances on stage, at one point adding a surrogate band feel when they briefly filled in for the headliners while they ventured around… not playing their instruments.

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Angus Rolland

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