Stepping into the Ruby Lounge, hearing the pulsating Screamadelica style rhythms of Humanizer you might think you’d entered a time machine and gone back to the Madchester days of the 90’s.

Slurred vocals reel their way from the lead singer’s mouth like a modern day Shaun Ryder, without his prime time charm and the visuals show more energy than the four piece do all night. Admittedly the technical faults did not endear the audience to them, the Windows shut down noise is not what anyone wants to hear.

Luckily Spaniards Delorean blaze their way to the stage to save the day! Despite being an established band since 2004 they only broke free from their cult following with last years Ayrton Senna, leaving their indie roots behind.

Like Humanizer, the mid-nineties influence shines through with glimpses of piano house but icaramba, you feel that Baeleric sunshine seeping through. Using 3 (!!!) synthesizers, just a bass and electronic drum kit they kick things off with Endless Sunset and lead into Summer single Real Love.

Slowly building up the tension if you close your eyes tight enough you could be at a mad Ibizan Rave, especially when Come Wander kicks in.

Throwing in tracks from the E.P, most notably Seasun and Deli and finishing up with Stay Close you are brought back to the reality that is snowy Manchester. But you know, and I know, that for this night only we were living the lifestyle of a hedonistic raver.