Having reached the point where the industry assumes the music buying public is only interested in streaming the Christmas hits of yesteryear, the new releases have slowed to a trickle so Silent Radio has bundled the year’s remaining offerings into a little bundle of joy.


Cymande             Second Time Around     

Reissued 1973 album from Black British band who took influences from their Guyanese and Jamaican roots, fusing reggae bass lines, Afro-tinged Nyabinghi percussion, psychedelic rock touches, and American style funk instrumentation into a unique sound they dubbed as “Nyah-rock”.

Philip Selway & Elysian Collective            Live at Evolution Studios

A companion piece of sorts to Strange Dance, this new live recording features Selway collaborating with celebrated string quartet Elysian Collective and percussionist Chris Vatalaro, reimagining his songs in a slimmed-down setting.

Felicette              Go To Hell EP    

Named after the first cat in space, the EP has the attitude-fired melodies and catharsis that fuelled Juliana Hatfield, the Breeders, Throwing Muses, Sleeper, Elastica and Veruca Salt.

Palace   Part II – Nightmares and Ice Cream          

An EP that is hypnotic, mesmerising and full of raw emotion.

Hazlett                  Goodbye To The Valley Low EP 

Indie folk artist with an album made in an off-grid cabin on the west coast of Sweden.

Moebius              Tonspuren         

40th anniversary reissue of an album of minimalisms, miniatures and stringent form, ten consistently concise and precise pieces. Moebius develops tonal variations out of minimalistic, rhythmic, harmonic basic tracks, sometimes coming close to tangible melodies.

Moebius              Zero Set               

40th anniversary reissue of a record on which Cluster’s Moebius collaborates with legendary producer Conny Plank and one of the German scene’s leading drummers, Mani Neumeier.

Car Seat Headrest            Faces from the Masquerade      

Live album recorded over three nights in March 2022.

Jake Isaac            Old Songs Same Love EP

An EP that reimagines some of his best-known songs to reflect his soul and R’n’B upbringing.

Petrolz                  Ranhansha         

Tokyo indie trio with a minimal but melodic style.

Infant    sigla, sone          

Michigan-based artist who utilises field recordings, the human voice and resamples his own previous work to create music that’s both tender and complex.

The Killers          Rebel Diamonds              

Career spanning collection of 20 tracks.

Lasael   Foghorn EP        

Debut EP from disciples of Swans noise rock, reflecting an uneasy relationship with faith, bemoaning the shallow modern world, embracing the nihilistic cycles of life and death, and doubling-down on schizophrenic self-examination.

Atreyu  The Beautiful Dark of Life           

The album features sonic numbers that touch every corner of the heavy music sphere – from metal to punk and alternative, via ’80s classic rock and with shades of industrial, hip-hop, and unashamed pop.

The Redskins     These Furious Flames! Redskins Live! 1985/86 

One of the UK’s most incendiary, campaigning political acts, this 25 track compilation captures the band’s full set of their 1985 ‘Kick Over Apartheid!’ tour finale plus their 1986 Town and Country Club tracks broadcast by the BBC.

Chris Garneau   Out of Love EP 

EP from  LGBTQ+ indie piano ballad popster.

DJ Rashad            Double Cap        

Tenth anniversary edition of the album which blended the juke sound he helped to pioneer with aspects of hip-hop, jazz, R&B and acid house,

Slowfoam           Worlding with Earth      

Overtures for an imagined realm synthesise something new by blending electronic sounds with various instruments and field recordings.


Eels        Eels So Good: Essential Eels Vol 2            

A collection spanning over 15 years and seven albums.

Therion                 Leviathon III      

Band that fuses metal with symphonic and orchestral elements presents the third part of a trilogy.

Baby Jake            Rude Crude and Uncouth            

An album that sees him returning to his folk roots.

Evergrey              From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits     

Gothenburg band that merges progressive heaviness with intense melodic metal topped by gripping lyrics.


Neon Fields        Neon Fields

Electronic rock band utilising cinematic soundscapes, industrial tones, and creative narratives.


Ciaran Lavery     Not Nearly Dark (10 Years Later)

A new 5-song EP features selected tracks taken from his debut 2013 album Not Nearly Dark, all re-recorded and entirely to tape in one session.