Although I miss a portion of the opening act’s set, I manage to see an amount significant enough for review. They have a style reminiscent of the post-hardcore bands of old (the late 1980s specifically), which you could argue isn’t exactly unique as better known bands in a similar vein are gaining traction; but it’s rather interesting to see what they are doing to their instruments in regards to noise; the jolting, experimental fashion is always a good thing. The instrumental abrasion would suit a soundtrack for a scenario involving walking through a deserted tunnel prone to street crime (Fallowfield Loop etc); the (intentional?) off-key singing a vague, incoherent echo of a warning telling you that law enforcement statistics are no laughing matter. Socio-economic commentary aside, their sense of execution and dynamics appear to make them a band of interest with a voice slowly developing.


In many ways I find the post-post-punk proliferation a little tiresome, the recycled troupes of 40 years past drying at a rate faster than what was once the Aral Sea; however in this case exception can be granted. The lack of a certain six stringed instrument in the confines of a trio would for many be considered a limitation, yet the avant-garde-a-clue nature of incorporating a violin in its stead makes for a style one would deem neat. Their set is plagued by sound issues; although by no fault of their own as they do their upmost in evading obstacles as varied as the imbalance of volume, malfunctioning vocal effects that result in a noise comparable to a cyborg choking following ill-advised syrup consumption and other mishaps that become irrelevant as they persevere with merit.

The bassist and drummer handle the vocal duties and serve the purpose of delivery with competence; by no means are they technically proficient in that regard but it doesn’t particularly matter in the grand picture as they throw their energy into keeping a reactionary rhythm that adjusts to the stranger tendencies of the violinist. An obvious comparison for POZI would be something along the lines of the Raincoats or even the fabled Gang of Four, which of course is a good thing if you happen to own a pair of workable ears (unlike that bloody soundboard). The seeming simplicity of what they are putting across is quite compelling, throwing a ‘back to basics’ or ‘serve the song’ analogy at them would serve little purpose beyond literary indulgence. If they are being championed by a certain radio station (neither square nor prime?), would that not be encouragement enough to go and check them out? The niche-music dork in you says “DO IT!”

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Angus Rolland

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