Have you heard Field Music’s privilege-bashing, Brexit-lamenting new anthem ‘Count It Up’?

‘Count It Up’ is the first single from their forthcoming new album Wide Open (out Friday 2nd February on Memphis Industries).

I’ve been down and angry about the state of everything lately,” Field Music’s David Brewis admits. “Our town (Sunderland) has become infamous in that it was the first place that voted for Brexit, and that threw into really stark relief, loads of fears I have about where we live. It’s been a downtrodden place for quite a long time and people look for someone to blame.

I went through a period not long after the global financial crisis when I read a lot about economics,” he continues. “There’s a section in a book by Joseph Stiglitz called Making Globalisation Work about how those on the right hand side of the political spectrum tend to ascribe their fortunes entirely in the frame of their own talents. If somebody is poor it’s because they’re stupid, and if I’m rich it’s not because my parents gave me a great start in life, or money, or a great education, it’s because I’m talented and brilliant. I think all of that fed into this howl of rage set to what’s basically my version of ‘Material Girl.’

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