Arriving at a time of great uncertainty, Shallow Waters new single “The God You Know You Are” gives listeners the keys to a world to get lost in. The band originate from Wigan (aka the pie capital of Britain) and bring with them an expansive single that announces their ambitions clearer than a foghorn on a quiet Sunday morning.

The three-piece from Wigan led by Martyn Abbott are about as confident as a band can get, it’s a surprise no record label has snatched them up yet. They have spent the last few years releasing various singles and EP’s slowly gaining a following and an impressive reputation for live performances.

The trio’s style is a mixture between grunge and psychedelic, but it leads you to very interesting places, where a calm psychedelic notion will be there one minute and soon be overpowered by a heavy grunge influence. This is the best sounding production from the band yet, the song is not covered in an over-produced sheen and retains the bands’ raw nature. The guitar, drums and vocals build slowly into the powerful chorus very effectively, and it feels like being hit with a tonne of bricks (but in a good way).

Lyrically it is also the bands most interesting so far, which concerns finding power and confidence in yourself rather than someone else or an unattainable idol. With lyrics like “You’ve got to take it to the God that you know you are,” the band are hitting the big venue vibe, with a chorus that sounds like it should be sung back by thousands of fans.

There’s an ocean of bands out there to get invested in, and this one just got added to the top of the list.

Shallow Waters: The God You Know You Are – Out Now (Bandcamp)