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Future Of The Left


Walking from the centre of town Sound Control feels like an expedition tonight. It’s that time of year when pretty much the whole of Manchester feel that getting wrecked on a school night is acceptable ‘cos its Christmas’. I dodge several drunken parties this evening, swigging lager and chanting latter day Kings of Leon tunes but eventually, I make it to the venue! And what is so nice about going to this gig is that the band I’m here to see are very much of a cult status and everyone in attendance is a die-hard fan, so I feel like I’m entering a room full of friends!

Future Of The Left have been at it for the best part of a decade now, forming from the ashes of another cult alt rock act Mclusky, FOTL take a similar musical approach making groove heavy, riff driven rock songs that are pissed off and sarcastic. Tonight, the band kick off the first night of a full UK/ European tour as they wrap up what has been another solid year for the band with the release of their brilliant fifth album ‘The Peace And Truce Of…’. This new record boasts some of the bands most ferocious material to date so this show has been greeted with a lot of excitement since its announcement.

Before we get to the carnage, we have an excellent supporting bill and the main support happen to be firm favourites! It’s pretty hard to describe Post War Glamour Girls, which is only a good thing! They sound like John Cooper Clark fronting a post-punk band but with 80’s indie pop references. Each member of this band has something unique going on which makes for a thoroughly gripping live show. Their frontman James Smith spits out wordy, poetic lyrics with eyes wide and an unnerving grin. Bassist Alice Scott and guitarist James Thorpe sway in unison, hypnotised by their own instruments whilst drummer Ben Clyde holds it down with intricate yet powerful beats, as he throws his luscious locks around the kit. Although they’re already two albums in, this is a band on the verge of something bigger and with a shimmering set of angular indie-rock and a fearless stage presence; you need to keep your eyes on this Leeds based quartet.

The four members of Future of The Left quickly assemble onto the stage, with all the mega fans getting right up to the front, excitingly chatting to the band as they set up. Once the band are all set up and ready to go, they take no prisoners. Loud and proud, the band rips through a punishing set, taking in all aspects of their furious back catalogue. Every track is greeted with big cheers from the crowd as they scream and mosh their way through the set; the passion in the room is clear.

There is focus on the more snarling and sweat soaked songs tonight with undeniably catchy hits such as ‘Manchasm’, ‘Arming Eritrea’ and ‘How To Spot A Record Company’ bringing the pit fully to life. Songs off the new album sound particularly gnarly tonight, from the pummelling bass groove of ‘If AT&T Drank Tea What Would BP Do?’ to the super infectious, mile a minute drum-a-thon of ‘The Limits Of Battleships. Although a breath is barely taken in-between songs, frontman Falco does find the time to deliver some comedic patter, joking around with the crow which I think adds another layer to the live show and another reason why their fans are so loyal; there’s a real personality to this band.

After just over an hour of sharp guitars, snarling vocals, mega fuzzy bass tones and muscular drum rhythms, the band wrap up this faultless set with a medley of tracks, finishing up with a rendition of the raucous Mclusky classic ‘Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues’, in which the whole room collectively lose their shit! Tonight is another example of why Future Of The Left are an institution to the underground rock scene here in the UK, long may their sonic assaults rein in our ears!

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Benjamin Forrester

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