‘Goodbye Asshole’ is the debut album for San Francisco Scuzz-Wave based band Fuckwolf. At first the album title and design create a bold glance of sounding as an ode to no one. It leaves you wondering will be there be sense of heartbreak? Rejection? The trio of Tomo Yasuda on guitar, Simon Phillips on drums, and Eric Park on bass sound blazing and scuzzy, capturing the last twenty years of San Francisco’s wild artistic essence and certainly play music to show so.

The track list for “Goodbye Asshole” is introduced by ‘Flamin’ Hot Cheetos’ and I can’t deny the track of its title. I really like the sound that is produced by this song. I would be disappointed if I said otherwise as the track title does set itself on a high pedestal before listening in my honest opinion. As of this moment of writing, it is their number one track. However, I do wish this hit single, just discussed, comes later in ‘Goodbye Asshole’ as it would give more incentive to listen the album from start to finish rather than jumping in-between tracks.  

Not to say the album is boring, but even someone like myself who doesn’t have that much musical excellence with an instrument can notice the occasional out of place sound… Maybe misguided might be a better word? But even being misguided I must give the album positive feedback as it does exactly what it is sold to do! ‘Beer Broth’, whilst having a very slow build and grotesque noisy discomfort, is a fitting interlude to “Goodbye Asshole”. I can hear Rock riffs from the 1970s in it and I love that.

In conclusion, ‘Goodbye Asshole’ is not a challenge and is something I would recommend to anyone who wants to expand their music taste with rather random Scuzz-Wave band Fuckwolf. 

Fuckwolf – Goodbye Asshole: Out 25th November 2022 (Silver Current Records)