Purs - Girl In Love

Purs – Girl In Love

Blak Hand Records have announced their final cassette of the year with North London band PURS and their first single Girl In Love. The track is limited to 30 transparent purple tapes exclusively at the Independent Record Label Market on November 26th  at Old Spitalfields Markets.

We were first introduced to PURS with their cover of Autolux’s ‘Here Comes Everybody’, released on a Blak Hand covers compilation Hide and Psych for Cassette Store Day last month, and we loved it.

PURS formed in the Spring of 2016 and consist of Serra Petale on vocals/guitar, Andy Becker and Kris Proshovski on guitar, Mandi Goodier on bass and Mattias Bhatt on drums. Initially a solo project of Andy’s, he recruited longtime friend Kris to start shaping the sound of the recordings. Serra, who happens to live with Kris, immediately wanted to get involved after hearing the demos. Even though she was touring as a drummer at the time for Heavenly Recordings favourites Kid Wave, she eagerly made the jump on to vocals and guitar for the project. Mattias Bhatt (Guitarist of pg.lost and Kid Wave) jumped on drums and Mandi Goodier, a friend of Andy’s joined to play bass and has also designed the art. Hailing from Australia, Sweden and the UK, the band are set to take over, by the looks of it!

Girl In Love’s grungy riffs and hazy vocals make for a ferocious and full-blooded debut single. Reverse B side Crush clicks itself into high gear half way after a soft and intimate intro, ending a smokin’ release from a new band who have come together from all corners of the globe to make their music heard. Good on ’em.

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