Setting the stage for the full-length release in early 2012, Last Gang will release CRYPTOCRACY by Finish producer and executioner Huoratron (pronounced whore – a – tron). Huoratron is the solo project of Finland’s Aku Raski, who began using two Game Boy consoles to produce experimental and dark electro. Since then, he’s risen from the digital underground and updated his gear while maintaining the pure black sound and raw aesthetics. As a founding member of New Judas Records, Huoratron has found its place among the movement in pulsating electronic dance music taking the stage on an international level. After a tour of the US, Huoratron has 5 dates in Europe in the run up to Christmas including Germany, Spain and France.

The video for ‘Corporation Occult’ from last year, can be found HERE. It’s something of a shocking short horror film, reminiscent of Chris Cunningham’s work with Aphex Twin. Directed by Cédric Blaisbois, it contains scenes of a violent, sexual nature that may not be suitable for children.