With the headline act billed as one of Japan’s most interesting ‘noise’ bands, it’s not a particular surprise that this opening act is also a two-piece, with a technical heaviness that places the 4/4 convention into a dustbin and promptly kicked down an escalator, never to return. With but a guitar and drum-set, they convince me to put on earplugs, although since they repeatedly keep falling out I gave up and put them back in my pocket, tinnitus risk ignored. Their set is rather pulsating, however the strictly instrumental approach starts to feel a little tired after a while; but then again I don’t want to misjudge what they are going for, it’s nice to see a format that doesn’t abide by the verse-chorus-verse cliché; I think it would be worth seeing them again to better grasp it but I suspect there needs to be something added to them, as some of their cuts feel like underdeveloped instrumental demos; while interesting it’s not as captivating as it could be.


With a concoction of influences so varied it would probably cause lasting health damage if consumed, the two-piece take to the stage, guitar and strange flashing device in tow. What strikes me the most is the vocalist’s high-pitched delivery, mistakenly I thought it was an effect from the microphone, although seeing vocalist speak to the audience in between songs put that theory to rest. The approach of the hastily delivered yelps in concert (a pun?) with the effect-laden, bizarre-sound-prevalent guitar style makes for an engaging display; branding them simply as noise would be a bit of an injustice, although to the Average Ian it’s probably not going to matter.

Having an automated rhythm section adds an industrial sensibility to their set, which cements a hold on the audience, trapping them in a state of frenzied spirit. Not possessing a human touch rhythmically would normally concern me but the vocal/guitar dominance of the sound negates the need for anything too ambitious bass or drum wise anyway. I rather enjoy the set, its niche-punk/experimental dynamics warming me to them, although like the former, I’m still not quite sure what to make of it as it’s certainly something outside my usual listening pallet. They strike me as a band that slowly grows on you, not accessible enough to swindle you in straight away yet having pop-elements that can shine through the abrasive nature of the sound. If they ever tour with the Melvins again I’d metaphorically risk zip lining over sharp wooden spikes coated in plutonium to catch it.

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