Leeds’ post punk trio Dead Naked Hippies present ‘I Wanna Know Ya’ their new single which is taken from their debut EP which is out now on Dance To The Radio.

‘I Wanna Know Ya’ is a punk pop-tinged love letter to fleeting desire as front-woman Lucy Jowett muses: “It’s about being momentarily obsessed with someone or something, but abruptly becoming disinterested and disposing of it.” The video is a tip of hat to some of cinema’s greats with Tarantino esque aesthetics plugged through Goodfellas infamous car scene, it sees the band transport and bury suspicious cargo.

The band describe how the EP was written after the general election amidst the wave of disappointment which flowed through the left wing after initial intense optimism, juxtaposed with the band building momentum. Lucy Jowett explains how these factors fuelled the writing process: “The frustration we felt is strung through the EP and it ended up becoming an odd mix of optimism, frustration and cathartic anger. We were the happiest and most pissed off we’d ever been and you can see that laid bare in the songs.”

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