Magick Mountain Weird FeelingsLeeds band Magick Mountain are a new and exciting act that have concocted fuzzy, psychedelic tracks that result in a masterclass enough to make any fan of this genre stop and marvel. Their new album Weird Feelings is set for release on October 23rd and is going to be something special. 

Immediately, ‘Bart Cobain’, with no warning, hits you forming the shape for the rest of the album which is, even so early on, very accomplished. The strength of the instruments teamed with the overall primitiveness creates a really effective blend of sound and the songs are quickly dispatched one by one giving snippets of garage rock magnificence. 

For a three-piece band, there is an enormous sound emerging, particularly in ‘Cherokee’ where the instrumental break allows the listener to catch their breath before being thrown back into the overarching melee. Fantastic to hear and is sure to be an influential part of this band’s growth and success, particularly in ‘Stranger Danger’ where the instrumental wall is dark and ominous. 

Another prevalent aspect, consistent throughout, is vocal harmonies from bass player Tom, guitarist Lins and drummer Nestor which coil effortlessly around each other creating an engaging layering of tones, bringing with them lyrics that have that infectious and anthemic repetitiveness. Crucially though, not too overbearing with so much else going on instrumentally. Having teased snippets from the album over recent months with tracks such as ‘Cherokee’, ‘Infinity x2′ and ‘King Cobra’, the rest of the album positions itself nicely around the overlying fuzz theme which they have managed to keep original and fresh from end to end.  

‘Colussos’ is exactly that. Colossal. An amazing infusion of garage and punk plus the guitar effects of psychedelia, partnered with the relentless drumming speed. Once again falling into the composed chaos of the album, subsequently gliding into a small break before kicking the power up one last time to end. 

The stand out track of the album is ‘Dream Chaser’ which takes an incredible turn to a calm, gentle ballad. Still with the vocal harmonies, a great way to reach the halfway point of the album. Instead of loud, thrashing drums and distorted bass, this track delivers a sea of tranquillity with acoustic guitars. Rounding off with a passionate guitar solo which could easily masquerade the whole song as 70s classic rock. 

Then it’s back to business with the frenetic but organised garage theme with the four remaining tracks of the album. ‘Infinity x2′, ‘King Cobra’, ‘The Shitty Beatles’ and finally ‘The Creeper’ make up an excellent second half further plunging into depths of the dingy world of garage with heavy basslines, roaring drums along with intricate and sophisticated guitar solos.  

Ending with the six-minute behemoth of ‘The Creeper’, the whole album is tied up with an instrumental conclusion of strings before blissfully fading into the sound of amplifier crackle and the switch off symbolising the lit fuse of the album being extinguished. 

Finally, the listener can relax after being stormed by an excellent array of music. The talent is very distinguishable here and the future is exciting. Dedicated fans of the garage and psychedelic scenes will be all over this with everything from the guitar tones to the vocal harmonies and are sure to welcome it forthwith.  

Magick Mountain: Weird Feelings – Out 23rd October (Magick Mountain Records)