Skylark & The Scorpion have created the whole ‘Weather The Storm’ project to be enjoyed as both a film and soundtrack. The film was made in the depths of winter off the Scottish coast near Shetland, and stars the two musicians behind the whole concept Petra Jean Phillipson and Nick J. Webb as the roles of doomed lovers Skylark and Scorpion. Guy Garvey loved their concept and songs so much, he decided to release it on his own label Skinny Dog, and it’s easy to see why.

The whole album is awash with gorgeous gentle harmonies, with strings, harps, guitars and the delicate voice of Phillipson sounding like a cross between Joanna Newsom and Joni Mitchell on tracks like ‘Hey Lover’ and ‘Six Thirty’. For many of the tunes on here, Phillipson is joined by Webb harmonising on vocal duties against the gentle tinklings of xylophones and guitars with darker sounding string parts occasionally creeping in to lend it an intriguing edge, proving that it’s not all sweetness and light in the world of Skylark & The Scorpion as the darker tones of ‘Take Me Away’ imply.

Their music has such a cinematic feel to it, with its orchestral arrangements, delicate vocal harmonies and dark moody overtones, yet it still manages to stand alone as a soundtrack album, even without the visual accompaniment. It’s a really well produced and interesting debut from a brand new band, and as the nights draw in, it’s perfect autumnal music. Stick this on, grab a brew and unwind.

Skylark & The Scorpion: Weather The Storm – Out Now (Skinny Dog Records)



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