Hot on the heels of his last release, DVA comes through on Hyperdub for round two.

‘Just Vybe (Soul:Power Mix)’ took me by surprise. The track opened to the exact sound of ‘Natty’ (his first outing on Hyperdub), making me think that I’d somehow picked the wrong file or bounced back in time – I was put straight has Fatima’s vocals kicked in at the drop.

Soul:power summarises the remix exactly, Fatima’s voice is just that. Strong and soulful, she overpowers the track, adding depth to an already outstanding outing. DVA throws on a deep synthy melody onto the original, fuelling the strength of the track and working well to smooth the contrast of Natty’s tough drums work and Fatima’s powerful vocals.

Moody, waist shaking and unrelenting in its delivery, B-side ‘Step 2 Funk’ takes the crown for me. Hard soca drums pound out a two step rhythm, pushed to sub low depth courtesy of the depth charge subs. Regimented cymbals splash back and forth, whilst the single word “funky” punctuates the track to a hypnotic degree. Driving and unforgiving, this beat goes on hard.

On each delivery DVA’s never failed to impress, I’m intriguted to see what this boy’s got in store for us next. The Vinyl and mp3 hit all decent stores from the 4th October.

Work in literally, am a work in progress....