To coincide with the release of their third album, ‘Foam Island’, released last week on Warp, Darkstar has released a new video for album track Stoke The Fire.The video directed by Cieron Magnat http://cieron-cieron.tumblr.com/ is a short uplifting and true documentation profiling the people featured on the album & photographed for the artwork. James Young from the band says:

“Cieron traveled up to West Yorkshire to document the people that contributed to the record. People over the space of three months who have become an intrinsic part of not only the record but also our lives. They allowed us to document their day to day living and the video Cieron has produced encapsulates that. We are overwhelmed with the result and believe he’s captured the process and journey of making this album perfectly”

The duo will also take the album on a UK/ EU tour:

10/10/15 – Asagiri Jam, Mount Fuji, Japan

11/10/15 – WWW, Tokyo, Japan

14/10/15 – Exil, Zurich, Switzerland

16/10/15 – Hakken, Hamburg, Germany

17/10/15 – Amsterdam Dance Event @ Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands

20/10/15 – Point Éphémère, Paris, Fance

21/10/15 – Kino Siska, Llublijana, Slovenia

22/10/15 – AB, Brussels, Belgium

23/10/15 – Liverpool Music Week, Liverpool , UK

29/10/15 – Beacons Metro @ Headrow House, Leeds, UK

30/10/15 – Dachstock, Bern, Switzerland

31/11/15 – New Falls Festival, Dusseldorf, Germany

04/11/15 – ICA, London, UK

06/11/15 – Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate, UK

13/11/15 – Start The Bus, Bristol, UK

16/11/15 – CPH:DOX, Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark

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