Weaves have shares the official version of their track ‘Scream’ along with its video. The song is the third single from the upcoming LP Wide Open (due out Friday 6th October 2017 on Memphis Industries), following ‘#53’ and ‘Walkaway’, and constitutes a dramatic departure from those initial offerings.

Despite being long-time friends this is the first collaboration between Tagaq and Weaves’ lead singer Jasmyn Burke, and their warped duet, which builds from a slinking, minimal opening toward an arresting and searingly intense peak, likely constitutes Weaves’ wildest recording to date.

Beginning with Burke’s stark declaration that “we are living in a time when misery is just common circumstance“, the song is both a personal statement and a ferocious rebuke to the societal forces that seek to erase and undermine marginalized voices.

I almost don’t think of ‘Scream’ as a song, it’s like a sculpture in the middle of the album, sticking out poking people like a 3D installation,” says Burke. “The initial demo was just one guitar riff and me hitting my pant leg really hard, and the loop just stirred up some sort of emotional whirlwind in my mind. I think everyone is having a hard time processing what’s happening right now and I started thinking about how some people hate or want to harm me because of my physical appearance, and that made me want to write something about loving yourself.”

On tour we meet so many people, and often I meet young girls and women of colour who say they’ve never seen someone that looks like them represented in a rock band. I just wanted to say, ‘hey, we’re here, we’re strong and we deserve to see ourselves reflected more often in the world.’ Females identifying people regardless of race are not just one person — we have different ideals, passions, friends etc. and yet we get pigeon-holed or are systemically dismissed and treated as less.”

This song came out of my heart. The band and Tanya elevated it in a way that’s just real and raw. It’s definitely an experience. ” 

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