Weaves are  good, full of enthusiasm and an interesting set of songs get our taste buds going. Georgia, my companion for the evening, is particularly impressed and at the same time bemused by the quirky demeanor of frontwoman Jasmyn Burke. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, their self-titled EP is a solid little release, they write catchy tunes and perform them to a very high standard.

‘Coo-Coo’ and ‘Candy’ are the tracks which pull us in, the room too not yet brimming with punters, seems to be more focused during these two efforts. The screeching guitars from Morgan Waters grabs me every time, especially in the opening throws. A loud distorted bass sound is what I like, and that’s just what the curly haired man delivers. Bine’s instrument dons flowers at the head, as his fingers move up and down along the frets with grace; fucking quality player him. The drummer is also technically great, Spencer Cole has the perfect blend of power and precision, the technicality on show is certainly second to none. Burke’s singing is also a delight, vocals that would melt the heart if it weren’t for the slightly disturbing fucked up tone in the music.

Ending the set with the brilliant ‘Motorcycle’, they’ve certainly made an impression on me. I saw them the previous night supporting Beach Slang in my neck of the woods and was shocked to find myself enjoying them, after not really thinking positive things about one of their singles. However, now that I’ve seen them in the flesh and re-listened to their catalogue so far I’m really looking forward to a full LP release. If I wasn’t so poor I’d buy a shirt from the merch stand, I promise to do so next time!

After an extremely successful show at the Star and Garter in January, Philadelphia’s BEACH SLANG return to Manchester with a spring in their step.

This is the third time I’ve seen the band, the second in two days! After a blistering performance in Liverpool (East Village Arts Club) the night before, the four piece once again blow the crowd away via their anthemic song locker and relentless wall of sound.

“THE NIGHT IS ALIVE IT’S LOUD AND I’M DRUNK!” screams frontman James Alex as they burst into ‘Noisy Heaven’, track three from their glorious record ‘The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us’ (2015). They take my breath away, exactly like they did the night before. They’re a tight outfit and give everything on stage, especially James. The main man dances alongside his guitar with a violent and youthful vigour, fuelled by humility and love for those watching.

Beach Slang

Beach Slang

It’s a beautiful moment when James announces that it’s been two years since they started playing shows, causing someone in the audience to start a birthday song. The rest follow and in hilarious fashion, the band ask us to sing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR BEACH SLANG, HAPPY BIRTHAY TO YOU!” again, so they can get it on video. And as if by magic a single balloon, from a previous Deaf Institute soiree, floats down towards James and he ties it to the mic. It’s the little things that happen in a Beach Slang set that makes them special and unforgettable.

Rifling through songs of absolute brilliance including ‘Hard Luck Kid’, ‘Throwaways’, ‘Punk Or Lust’ and ‘Filthy Luck’, the aggressiveness in the strumming and striking of their instruments is only proof of their commitment to making sure we get our money’s worth. They’ve been on a massive world tour and continue to play shows in the UK, US and Europe for the rest of the year. Beach Slang’s strong work ethic is good in one way, but I can’t help but feel it’s a little sad too. They shouldn’t have to play so much to stamp down their mark, they’re supremely talented and should be rewarded like so many who actually don’t deserve it. But hey ho, that’s the sad truth of the industry.

I mean sure, the more they play the better and tighter they’ll get, but I really do hope they don’t burn themselves out. Their second album is due for release in September and I imagine as soon as its out they’ll be back on the road. It’s common for many bands these days to tour extensively, but most fade into the background within a year. Beach Slang best not fucking go anywhere, I strongly believe they have the potential to become a decent sized name in the UK and garner a bigger following in the alternative rock/indie scene. They shit all over most English bands I’ve seen of the same stature and I don’t want them to follow up their so far excellent back catalogue with a flop. But from evidence in a new song ‘Spin The Dial’, it’s gonna be cracker and will match if not succeed their debut outing.

Covers are rife too in Beach Slang sets, and it’s a pleasure to hear a rendition of ‘Just Like Heaven’ by The Cure, go down so well. Also getting an outing is ‘Bastards Of Young’ (Replacements) which goes down a storm, probably due to two rather merry blokes being invited on stage to sing it! Brilliant. After the allotted time, JP Flexner returns to the stage and performs and invigorating drum solo, followed closely by James who then goes into ‘Too Late To Die Young’ a real ballad high in my list of BS favourites. Finishing with ‘Young And Alive’, the band are soaked in the residue of an energetic and thoughtful performance. If you get the chance to see this wonderful band please do so, you won’t regret it. RUUUBEN! RUUUBEN! RUUUBEN!

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