The Hornblower Brothers

The Hornblower Brothers

In March of 2010 Silent Radio editor Simon closed a gig review of The Hornblower Brothers with… “I’m now left counting the days to their next Manchester visit”, suffice to say, those days turned into years, and six and a half of them later, he’s still waiting.

So who is this band that he’s been so keen to see back together? The Hornblower Brothers were formed back in 2008 by high school friends Nat and Al. They left their native Halifax, West Yorkshire in search of musical prospects and a higher education, later bringing in housemates during university days in Brighton, as well as a man they met on the street using dustbins as drums. After the aforementioned gig in 2010 the band decided on a hiatus, causing fans to fear the worst that they would never return.

Well the wait is nearly over, they’re back. A wait that has been a long time coming if you exclude a slight reformation of half The HBBs line-up in 2013 under the name Heavy Dancers (Q&A with them here), the new EP ‘Free Range’ is due out on the 7th of October on Bleeding Heart Records.

Free Range was inspired by time spent travelling in the USA, Asia and Australia, featuring songs about endless car journeys, lifestyle choices and lonesome selfies taken in romantic surroundings.

Following recent support slots with eighties ska-punk legends The Piranhas (responsible for one of the biggest ear-worms of the decade) and New York anti-folk troubadour Jeffrey Lewis, the band are set to perform more dates in the autumn with fellow Northern lo-fi cult band and Silent Radio favourites The Lovely Eggs.

The HBBs have been kind enough to let us have the exclusive first stream of the new EP in advance of its release, so please order your copy now to ensure our editor doesn’t have to wait so long next time round, needless to say he’s once again as giddy as the proverbial kipper at the band’s return.

Upcoming dates:

Oct 15 Under the Bridge, Brighton, UK

Oct 26 The Lexington, London, UK w/The Lovely Eggs

Nov 4 Gorilla, Manchester, UK w/The Lovely Eggs

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