On Saturday October 1st the Dog and Partridge in Bolton plays host to rare appearances from three of the more atmospheric and playful electronica acts.

Moon Wiring Club‘s sinister beats and whoozy electronics soundtrack strange happenings in a village called Clinkskell. The music brings forth memories of the odd and scary TV which made 1970s kids cover their eyes, as well as all the British horror flicks which were once post-pub schedule staples, and those paperback anthologies of weird supernatural fiction and folklore that crowded charity shop shelves in the days before ebay became the repository for abandoned popular culture.

Pye Corner Audio are represented by the shadowy figure of The Head Technician, who claims to have been “magnetically aligning ferrous particles since 1970.” This mysterious gentleman’s releases so far summon dystopian spectres of  ’70s and early ’80s sci-fi and horror, as well as the Public Information Films which made everyone steer clear of pylons, train tracks and lodges, whilst making sure to stock their cupboards with more than enough tins of soup to stave off impending radiation sickness.

The Time Attendant is an equally arcane purveyor of analogue electronic oddness, bringing the kind of droney and crackling radiophonic noise which invokes bad dreams about metallic pincers burrowing through your eardrums, eager to get to what lies beneath.

Each also promises projections of suitable visual treats to accompany their set.

Advanced tickets can be purchased for £6 with no booking fee from http://theeveningeconomies.bigcartel.com/product/moon-wiring-club-live-in-bolton-1-10-11

Further information about each artist can be found on the links below: