Brighton based 4-piece TV Coma recently released ‘Congratulations’ taken from their forthcoming debut album that will be called ‘WUSS’ and released later this year.

Silent Radio’s Sophie Nebesniak caught up with the band to find out a little more about them.

TV Coma

You guys are based in Brighton, Any cool places to visit?
Seeing as all the venues are closed, I would say the best thing to do here at the moment is to just walk straight into the sea, that’s a good place to visit. Or maybe the Sealife centre, basically anything involving large bodies of water and aquatic life. Get fully in there with the seaweed and fish.

How are you feeling about the release of your debut album, WUSS?

Really excited, it’s the best overall concept we’ve done. Every song is a different story about a lost millennial. We take on all sorts of subjects including working a job, having a kid, never leaving your parents house. It was based on an essay by Brett Easton Ellis called Generation WUSS but we wanted to re-appropriate the name WUSS as our own. We believe we’re a fairly disenfranchised generation.

What was it like being on peoples new band suggestions?
For example, you were played on Radio X and featured on Spotify’s “Hot New Bands” playlist.

Really awesome, it’s great when people show the band support it’s been our main pride and joy over the past half a decade. Getting on Radio X and Spotify’s Hot New Bands was brilliant and we are relentlessly trying to please the Spotify gods.

How much are you influenced by the millennial generation?
We think the millennial generation are a pretty tragic generation. Growing up in a timeline stuck between the real physical world and the digital world. We’ve never really learnt to adapt, clinging to bits and pieces of the past whilst being dragged kicking and screaming into the future. Which is the reason why we are now in a constant revival of the past, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, all combined into a confused millennial mess. Some of the food is cool though, it’s always nice when a dude with an oiled beard and a 2013 man bun comes up and gives you an artisanal panini. That’s the main reason we moved down to Brighton, because of hipster panini’s.

What’s your favourite song off of your new album?
My personal favourite is ‘Someday Town’, it’s about someone who is completely comfortable in an incredibly mundane life, but then gets hit by a car and dies.

Windows or MacBook?
I like MacBook because I record and produce. I don’t feel too strongly about it because I’ve seen some good windows computers before. However, everything is built to be obsolete and everything stops working, everything is temporary, much like life.

Cheese or Chocolate?
TV Coma will have to go with cheese, we always have excessive parmesan on our food. Cheese is more flavourful and has more glutamate in it. TV COMA like lots of Glutamate in our food, so load up the tomatoes, mushrooms and parmesan pour in the Monosodium glutamate and we’ll make a big bowl of nothing.

Comedy or horror? (in terms of film)
Films tend to be rubbish if they’re comedies unless you’re going for something like Mean Girls because that’s a riveting masterpiece. We’d probably go with Horror. My personal favourite horror of all time is the Japanese version of The Grudge that’s a classic because of how cool the timelines overlap throughout the film, plus those weird ghost people have haunted me for my entire life.

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