Ghostpoet has unveiled a video for the title track of his latest album ‘I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep’.

The video was directed by Thomas James and features a funeral of sorts, from the point of view of Obaro himself. He says:

“The song is about growing ever emotionally and physically tired of the circumstances you find yourself in but falling asleep or taking your eye off the ball is not an option. When me and Thomas discussed the concept for this video I was in the process of moving to Berlin and with such a radical change in my life I wanted the video to reflect this also. It’s a goodbye to old Blighty and a death of sorts of the old me to make space for something new.”

James agrees:

“The video for me, is not so much about the death of Ghostpoet and his journey to the afterlife, but perhaps a swan song for more than that. A welcome goodbye to the modern world in a way. We were all really into, and excited by the idea of a POV death; which in my opinion, tells me enough about this septic tank we call home right now.”

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