‘Palm Trees’, the second single to be taken from soon to be released new album ‘It’s A Pleasure’ was released this week.

The single follows debut track, ‘Pleasure’ which had accompanying it an extraordinary video featuring Baxter crossing the Millennium Bridge, having just escaped from hospital in circumstances unexplained.

Filmed in rush hour in approximately 4 takes using a focus puller, a steady cam and a makeup assistant who had a small bucket of fake excrement, Baxter and crew made use of the great British workers as extras including a lady with a “magisterial presence like a head nurse” and a “floppy doctor”. See the video to ‘Pleasure’ here

Baxter Dury will be releasing his new album “It’s A Pleasure” on October 20th through his new label [PIAS] Le Label.  The album was produced by Baxter and mixed by Craig Silvey (Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, The Horrors). The album, ‘It’s A Pleasure’ is released on October the 20th.

Track listing:

1. Pleasure

2. Palm Trees

3. Other Men’s Girls

4. Police

5. Lips

6. Whispered

7. Petals

8. White Men

9. Wintery Kisses

10. Babies

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