Baxter Dury

Baxter Dury

Baxter Dury has debuted the extraordinary video for his new single ‘Pleasure’, which features him crossing the Millennium Bridge, having just escaped from hospital in circumstances unexplained.

Filmed in rush hour in approximately 4 takes using a focus puller, a steady cam and a make up assistant who had a small bucket of fake excrement, Baxter and crew made use of the great British workers as extras including a lady with a “magisterial presence like a head nurse” and a “floppy doctor”.

The video was directed and shot by legendary music photographer Roger Sargent, who describes it thus:

“The video is snapshot, a dream or a scene depicting the subconscious mind making sense of guilt. Guilt for ones misadventures. Either perceived or real. And similar to a lot of dreams it’s uncomfortable and hard to digest rather than explicit. Like the dream of going to school with only your underwear on. It belies a deeper rooted perception of ones fears and insecurities.”

Baxter explained the filming process further:

“People around us were only politely curious and we mostly told them we were making a broad minded children’s programme.  My oldest friend in the world Zenaide turns up for a few brief seconds to assault me; he is made from steel and thunder and can be genuinely scary. Roger Sargent is gentle and clear and unrattleable, he is a dude. What a super day out and with a bucket of poo.”

Baxter Dury will be releasing his new album “It’s A Pleasure” on October 20th through his new label [Pias] Le Label.  The album was produced by Baxter and mixed by Craig Silver (Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, The Horrors).

It’s A Pleasure Track listing:

1. Pleasure

2. Palm Trees

3. Other Men’s Girls

4. Police

5. Lips

6. Whispered

7. Petals

8. White Men

9. Wintery Kisses

10. Babies

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