It’s 6am, the alarm’s just gone off. You hit snooze, you hit it again, you start to contemplate how you can blag a day off.

Then you remember that You’re In It For The Money, by the time you open the front door, get some fresh air, and the Sun Hits the Sky you’re ready for the day.

Was Supergrass’ second record gonna be Caught by the ruthless Fuzz of the 90’s press or deemed Alright?

It’s a weird time we live in the moment, bands such as Sports Team had already released their first single off their new album before even touring a hugely successful debut, that sense of urgency is certainly felt in tracks on this album.

Tracks such as ‘Late in the Day’ have no sense of a need to impress, just a well written half baked tune.

In terms of re-issues, I personally think it’s a trick played by many 90s bands who probably now have families to feed not coke habits. The same as “20th Anniversary Tours” etc. But, that’s not the point of this article.

The drumming in this album is phenomenal and when they returned in 2019, there was a reason why Danny Goffey’s kit was risen up on a stand on the tour. He’s the true balls of this band – the true rock n roller.

Great to listen to this album again, can’t wait to catch them at a festival this year.

Supergrass: In It For The Money Remastered Expanded Edition: Out 27th August 2021 (BMG)