Following on from their latest album ‘Ventriloquizzing’, Brighton electronic pop band Fujiya & Miyagi have released a running track. Entitled ‘Different Blades From The Same Pair Of Scissors’, the one-off extended track is available via the band’s own label Strange Tongues from today (Monday 22nd August).

Fujiya & Miyagi recorded the track originally in 2008 as commissioned for Nike’s running series. With tracks off of this recording such as ‘Sick And Tired’ speedily becoming live favourites around the ‘Lightbulbs’ and ‘Ventriloquizzing’ album shows, it’ll delight Fujiya fans that these songs will finally see the light of day.

Clocking in at 37 minutes, ‘Different Blades…’ showcases Fujiya & Miyagi at peak musical fitness, giving their fans and newcomers the chance to workout to the kraut-fuelled electronic funk soundtrack. The piece warms up gradually, accompanying the most musically discerning through a short run or an aerobic workout, culminating in what could be an ambitious set of push ups or stomach crunches as one of the band counts up to 100 and more.

“Each part of the recording had a specific time restraint laid out in the brief”, explains synth man Steve Lewis on the original guidelines set by Nike. “The restrictions enabled us to approach the music writing in a different way with less emphasis on traditional song structures and more emphasis on the rhythm….”

Bassist Matt Hainsby further elaborates on the recording and writing process: “The piece starts with David’s [Best, guitarist and frontman] breathing sounds synthesised, amplified as if heard through a filter inside his head. A subtle beat comprising of knuckle cracks and knee creaks floats in the background as if the music is limbering up ready to run meanwhile the synths are building and holding the focus on the music ahead.

Continues Matt, “We were very conscious of the need to push the tempos as the piece progresses and we tried to make this sound as natural as possible to give the finished piece an arc that reflected the brief of a runner’s journey/experience/pain.”

Latest album ‘Ventriloquizzing’ is available now through Full Time Hobby.