Crystal Stilts release a new track ‘Future Folklore” which comes from their  new album ‘Nature Noir’ .

Nature Noir sees The Stilts honing in on their various affinities at once. Simulcast from different pools of the past, bridging and expanding their intensive tastes in Soul, Folk, Psych, Country, Proto-punk and onward, it’s apparent that their new formulary is more subtle and fully realized than ever. Like any creation worth loving, it’s the quality of the ingredients and the unique perspective lenses of the creators that produce a marvel such as this.  Pleasingly distilled in celestial darkness, floating in a sea of colour drenched dreams, and grounded in protean mythology, Crystal Stilts third LP sounds refreshingly bold and deep rooted within the current musical climate.

Crystal Stilts formed in 2003 in New York City by Brad Hargett (vocals) and JB Townsend (guitar) and are currently joined by Andy Adler (bass), Keegan Cooke (drums), Kyle Forester (keys)



01. Spirit in Front of Me

02. Star Crawl

03. Future Folklore

04. Sticks and Stones

05. Memory Room

06. Worlds Gone Weird

07. Darken The Door

08. Electrons Rising

09. Nature Noir

10. Phases Forever


23-Nov – Green Door Store, Brighton

24-Nov – Liverpool Psychfest party, Liverpool

25-Nov – Mono, Glasgow

26-Nov – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

27-Nov – The Exchange, Bristol

28-Nov – Cargo, London