THE FENTONVILLE STREET BAND and KATIE PHAM AND THE MOONBATHERS have just released their debut on Sheffield’s Delicious Clam Records.

The debut release of both bands marks the culmination of years of friendship, love and partying between their respective band leaders – the enigmatic Jack Athey and the sultry Katie Pham.

Jack fronts The Fentonville Street Band, a blissfully soulful, psychedelic delight; the kind of music aliens make babies to. Katie Pham and The Moonbathers are a jazz influenced surf pop trio with memorable melodies and a fat groove.

Opening track ‘Easily Suede’ allows Katie’s slinky vocals to slip slide over brooding drums and bass. Following this is The Fentonville Street Band’s ‘Clouds’; sun-drenched guitar licks with an Eastern twist, offering lush vibes atop an undulating and ever changing rhythm section. ‘Koala Kola’ steps up the pace, transporting you to an amphetamine fuelled Hawaiian beach party that you just can’t stop thinking about. The EP closes with the ecstatic euphoria of The Fentonville Street Band’s ‘Higher Power’, which begins with a relentless riff, eventually twisting into choral chanting by the end.

Track listing:

EASILY SUEDE ~ Katie Pham & The Moonbathers
CLOUDS ~ The Fentonville Street Band
KOALA KOLA ~ Katie Pham & The Moonbathers
HIGHER POWER ~ The Fentonville Street Band

Upcoming Tour Dates:

The Fentonville Street Band:

28/08/16 – Sheffield – Delicious Clam Studios
09/09/16 – Sheffield – Picture House Social
06/10/16 – Sheffield – Bungalows and Bears
26/11/16 – Manchester – Fallow Cafe

Katie Pham & The Moonbathers

10/08/16 – Sheffield – Blancmange Lounge
11/08/16 – London – Sebright Arms
12/08/16 – Bristol – Louisiana
13/08/16 – Nottingham – Lee Rosy’s
14/08/16 – Liverpool – Maguires
03/09/16 – Cockermouth – Sesh
24/09/16 – Sheffield – Picture House Social

Katie Pham  Facebook | Soundcloud
The Fentonville Street Band  Facebook | Soundcloud