Jehnny Beth

Songwriter, singer, and author Jehnny Beth has unveiled a video for ‘We Will Sin Together’, taken from her debut solo album ‘To Love Is To Live’ released earlier this year. The track also features backing vocals from The XX’s Romy Madley Croft. Beth explained:

“Romy sings the backing vocals on the choruses. She followed the process of making this record from the beginning and was immensely supportive. One day we were working together in the studio in LA and I asked her to sit behind the mic and sing. I love her voice, it naturally carries a lot of emotion and never sounds fabricated, I thought it suited this song perfectly.”

Jehnny Beth’s debut collection of short stories, ‘Crimes Against Love Memories (C.A.L.M)’, was also released last month alongside a limited edition art book of photographs taken by Johnny Hostile. The book of fiction is a manifesto in the form of erotic monologues and dialogues, set to arouse and enlighten, Beth’s stories are punctuated by Hostile’s intimate photographs: they are the inspiration from which her stories grew.

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