Hooking vocals and guitar riffs that’ll have you on the edge of your seat make The Sherlocks new album ‘People Like Me And You’ a must listen. All thirteen tracks are unique but still ideal to make a gig crowd go wild.

A sharper more edgy track ‘Sirens’ was a standout from the album. Beginning already fast paced the song gets ecstatic when the electric guitar quickly begins. The volcanic chorus feels like a classic rock song with fierce vocals accompanied by stimulating guitar and drumming. Thrilling riffs complete the track before it rolls straight into the next.

‘Don’t Let It Out’ begins much slower and gentler before a sudden explosion of powerful music blasts and the track is instantly passionate. Almost ethereal, electric sounds make the start of the title track ‘People Like Me And You’ mystical. These sounds continue throughout the song and alongside lyrics “dance like there’s no one there” and “throw away those cares” creating a freeing, feel-good vibe.

A sorrowful track calms down the album for a few minutes. ‘Face The Music’ reflects on heartbreak but more so finding the bright side and moving on. Beginning very calm, heavier guitar starts a haunting, lonely feeling. Despite beginning very gloomy a more positive message is pushed through the chorus “Don’t fear life, You’re gonna find those clear skies.”

After the drop in pace the rest of the album picks up momentum again with incredible tracks ‘Won’t Stop’ and ‘Watson’ closing the album. Uplifting guitar as well as dreamy vocals in ‘Won’t Stop’ get your feet tapping. After every chorus is a sensational uproar of satisfying guitar riffs. Overall, an joyful track of breezy lyrics “The sun it shines” amongst the upbeat music.

Finally, is an extremely quirky track. ‘Watson’ opens with a rapid sound sounding like a synthesizer. Soon a robotic voice begins speaking over the ever-changing music. “There has always been and always will be the unanswerable questions that will forever challenge our minds” begins the voice then continuing to express questions about people and life. Shivers will run down your spine throughout the entire track which feels like something that would play in a dystopian movie.

The Sherlocks: People Like Me & You – Out 4th August 2023 (Teddyboy Records)

Sherlocks – Remember All The Girls (Official Video) – YouTube