islington mill

Awarded just shy of 1 million pounds by Arts Council England, the Islington Mill is a few steps closer to securing the £2.5 million needed to completely refurbish the space.

The Salford venue is considered to be an important place by many Mancunians, Dave Haslam describing it as “one of the spiritual homes of the post-Hacienda generation…”

First created in 2000, it holds many different types of events revolving around art, music and film. Many other community events are held there too and everyone involved welcomes this injection of cash, warmly.

“We are now in a strong position to install our urgently needed roof and create additional residence spaces, developing a hive of creativity”, said Bill Campbell, founder and co-director of the Mill.

The mission of the Mill is most definitely to create a breeding ground for social and artistic expression, a noble quest in todays frightening world. It appears art is more needed than ever in 2016, the taste for escapism will never cease so for places like Islington Mill to be helped out, is a good thing for us all.

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