Matmos have released a new video called ‘No Concept’, with music from upcoming album ‘The Consuming Flame: Open Exercises in Group Form’ due out 21st August.

The album features many contributors, including Oneontrix Point Never, Yo La Tengo, Giant Swan, clipping. and Marisa Anderson.

The latest release is described by the band as:

“a kind of safari into the visual unconscious”

Drew Daniel elaborates on the making of ‘No Concept’:

“When quarantine started we turned our dining room table into a “collage station” and just piled up an enormous amount of paper ephemera that was around the house and started to chop it up and create visual collages with glue-sticks. Pulling from a bank of 50 or so collages, M.C. Schmidt scanned them at high-resolution and then created a kind of “pan and scan” animation by moving across elements and flying through layers from these collages, effectively creating an animated collage-of collages out of still images. This is a direct visual analogue to the collaborative group collage principle that created the music.”

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