Bournemouth-based heart-breakers Honeymoons extend their hands to the warmth of the sun just as much as they shield their eyes from the blinding rays – embracing love’s anchorage as much as they question it. Moving with the careful patience of post-dawn waves, the coastal trio have been drip-feeding doses of uplifting heartache that skirt a strange kind of paradise and speak to the face of uncertainty that can be found in blind devotion. Their latest effort in ‘Trying’ continues the conversation of painful recollection started on previous release ‘Los Angeles’ by front-man George Appleton, who effortlessly mixes equal measures of romance and sobering reality in order to speak to what it is to swim in the ocean of another.

Appleton’s voice dives into blue until he’s forced to feel sky – no breath deep enough to save him from drowning in yesterday’s bouquet.  Questions of love cut with sharp, death-like honesty, as “Does she still love me?” paints broad strokes of longing across a canvas of sugar-cane and “Does she feel the same way?” sinks into the tangle of love’s chrysalis. Where previous release ‘Los Angeles’ fondly admires what was had in bitter-sweet rear-view, ‘Trying’ excavates the pains of passion with a celestial pallet that persistently screams “I swallow moon for you” through the cracks of doubt.

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James Musker

Music Journalism student and lover of all things sensory and cosmic.