Logan & Manley

West Yorkshire is home to many winding valleys, roving hills and pretty market towns; a place where one might find a peaceful life. It has an unspoken force that invites a certain demographic of people, who gravitate to this serene part of the country. One such town, Hebden Bridge, is a testament to this energy. It’s a place for the creative, the eccentric and the kind. It’s this mantra that brought together local residents (Terry) Logan & (Chris) Manley.

Their second EP Orpheus Vibrations is a departure from their 2017 debut ‘Believe It a Little’ (produced by John Garden), which was richly and heavily produced to create a sense of grandiose, which is a flipside to their latest release: a stripped back, more intimate affair. This makes L&M more accessible and inviting as their music is a message of love, soul and oneness. Logan’s voice is at the forefront of this cut, exhibiting warmth that is both tender and fragile. This is apparent on the reggae influenced ‘Lead the Way’ which is a journey of self-power and believing in yourself. Self-reflection and perseverance is a running theme throughout the EP; on opener ‘Taking Time’, which really has a certain nineties feel to it, “Do you ever disappear…” and on ‘Heal’ there’s an air of caution; “I would give you my soul, if I knew it would last”.

The EP’s standout track ‘Keep On’ sits perfectly in the middle of this cut. It builds from tethered beginnings into a brilliant hook of a chorus. With lush harmonies this song is the emotive force that runs through this cut, and is the best representation of the positivity and energy that runs throughout.

The closing track ‘Heal’, perfectly rounds off this EP as a collection. With raw production as a backing, the soul of these two musicians and collaborators is allowed to shine through and is a testament to the love, personality and depth that has been poured into this exciting record. It’s exciting to see where this duo can take us next on their journey.

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