A new EP entitled ‘No Horizon EP’ from Wye Oak will be released on July 31st on Merge Records. The first track from the EP, ‘AEIOU’, featuring Brookyln Youth Chorus, is available to hear now.

Wye oak are made up of Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack, though they have recently expanded their setup to include another three musicians while playing live.

Jenn Wasner speaking about the background of ‘AEIOU’:

This song is about the inadequacy of language. It was written around the time that those currently in power took it upon themselves to think that they could minimise the existence of certain people by removing the words that we currently use to define them—like transgender—from use. Language is bigger than the powers that try to control it, but we are so much bigger than language. We are so much more than anything that can be suggested with words.”

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