Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and independent film, art, and music collective Transistor Six debut the new video for BRMC’s ‘Hate The Taste’, the latest single from their sixth full-length album, ‘Specter At The Feast’.
Austin, Texas-based Transistor Six teamed up with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at their April 26, 2013 performance at Austin’s Psych Fest to create a twist on a live performance video for ‘Hate The Taste’, based on their mutual aesthetic and appreciation of vintage, analog sounds and images.

Transistor Six’s team filmed BRMC performing “Hate The Taste” with both Super 8 and digital cameras including a gigantic and entirely hand-built drone that had to fly 300’ over the crowd to capture footage of the audience. The tension between the crisp, colorful, digital images up against the phantom, almost holographic Super-8 ‘force-field’ surrounding the band on stage creates an otherworldly visual experience that marries music and film in a uniquely singular way. Transistor Six also captured BRMC with Lomography photos.