Hologram Heart Parade formed at the turn of 2011. The two-woman, three-man band led by Glasgow born singer and songwriter Pauline Johnston recall pop’s soulful side while tipping their hat to Sparks, Roxy Music, Prince and the The Pointer Sisters. They host their own club night in Manchester, England in celebration thereof. The promo release of ‘Dirty Heart’ bristles with glamour and a laid-back disco heartbeat that attempts to compel you to dance the pain away.

HHP are playing the launch night of POP You! Which is a new night being held at Dulcimer, Chorlton featuring emerging pop acts in Manchester and beyond Rubika and Letters To fiesta are also playing. The event is on the 28th of July and entry is free.

Download ‘Dirty Heart’ from http://hologramheartparade.bandcamp.com/releases