Community Festival 2019

Finsbury Park, London plays host to Community Festival 2019 and once again its a one day line up filled with excellent acts. With the likes of The Kooks, Blossoms, Kate Nash and Don Broco set to play on Sunday 30th June, here’s a quick preview highlighting some potential must see acts.

Spread out over a couple of stages, including the standard Main Stage and the smaller N4 stage, we have a diverse lineup featuring up and coming acts and seasoned festival veterans. Rock outfit Don Broco are an act whose live performances have earned them high praise and loyal support throughout the alt rock community, with their latest album Technology (2018) containing a deluge of thunderous anthems with electronic panache, white knuckle riffs and devastating breakdowns. Their main stage performance is sure to be a wild ride.

Gerry Cinnamon is an act I’m desperate to see, his latest tune ‘Canter’ in particular showing a fabulous knack for writing Adidas boy anthems for the colourful, flare-donning fezzie kids to get involved in. Once again his live performances have been documented heavily, particularly on social media, as lively, personal and definitely euphoric. Erratic Cinematic, his 2017 album, was a record that definitely showcased all his best qualities. Personal yet relatable songs about being young, careless, being in love and getting beat down by an seemingly ever oppressive society. Of course, a lot of music is relatable, but his honest take on just trying to make it big and entertain the kids is a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend you check out his releases mentioned here and jump aboard the Cinnamon gravy train, all the way to green fields and good times with friends. I salute you Gerry!

The Kooks are at this point a household name. Making their name via the golden age of British indie of the mid to late 2000s, they’ve evolved their floppy haired, basement guitar sound into a festival headlining favourite. Live, they’re an act second to none in terms of energy, positivity and a damn good “bouncy” time. They have a number of indie classics under their belt and their latest material is nothing to be sniffed at either. I’ve seen them play before at Liverpool Sound City as a headline act and they suit the role perfectly. I hope to see as much crowd movement and joy as I did then a couple years back.

Other acts include Kate Nash, Fuzzy Suns, The Hunna and The Night Cafe, proving Community Festival is as diverse as the city its held in. Usually, a lot of one day festivals are filled with filler but here, nearly every act has something unique to offer anyone in attendance.

With an appearance from Stockport’s favourite sons Blossoms as well, it’s an excellent day out and well worth the 30 quid price tag.

My top recommendation amongst the ones mentioned above would be SWMRS, a US band whose record Berkeley’s On Fire is a stunning display of gritty, grunge indie rock with a hint of electronic urgency. I’ve heard good things about their live shows too so definitely give them a watch if you’re heading into Finsbury.

To sum up, all acts here seem to be cut from the same cloth, a cloth labelled “top live performance”, something which these days you shouldn’t take for granted. See you in London.

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