Former Amazing Snakeheads frontman Dale Barclay returns to the stage with a new band. He invites you to join him for the long road to freedom. The music will not stop. All welcome, no prisoners.

Joining him are Ten Mouth Electron. Krautrockabilly psycho-pop, they’ve prompted parallels with musical forces that don’t usually appear together in the same sentence: fuzzy spacerock workouts, angular post-punk and soaring psychgaze have earned comparisons to PiL, Hawkwind, Talking Heads (TalkWind?) and more.

Also playing are Sweaty Palms. The Glasgow group’s  finger raising attitude to the fallacy of the city’s scene is as refreshing as they come. Refusing to bow down to the crowd-pleasing generics of what it takes to “make it” the four-piece let their music do the speaking merging a loud, dirty reverb drenched garage sound with anxiety-ridden psych goth flourishes, a touch of joviality and Robbie Houston’s snarled, personal lyrics.

Dale plays the Soup Kitchen on the following date:

Soup Kitchen, Manchester

Sunday 24th July 2016

Doors 7:30pm. £6 Tickets

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