Toronto/ New York-based director Adam Beck has directed the first official video from fellow Canadian producer CFCF’s extraordinary eight-track EP ‘Exercises’, released on Dummy.

Like the EP, the video is inspired by modernist architecture and mid-century visions of the future. Also like the EP, it’s pretty, moving and makes the viewer wish for a kinder, more precise mind, or at least one that could hold down a conversation about Mies van der Rohe or play more than Chopsticks on the piano. Watch it below by clicking on the images or link, and feel free to share.

Adam Beck wrote this text explaining his video: “We were quite keen to do something that paired well with the future-retro images that had influenced his music. The architecture of these buildings reflected a grandly imagined future that already felt dated, as if the world never bothered to catch up to these concepts of what the future could look like. We used Lois Lowry’s classic dystopian childrens novel The Giver as a point of reference. Developing a story wherein a chosen student living in a numbed, grey, world is given the ability to experience the world as it should be. View its colors, feel its warmth, and witness death. Her experience had to match the strong cathartic build of Buildings, and this story, set amongst imposing brutalist architecture is the result.

Dummy will be releasing CFCF’s ‘Exercises’ on vinyl on the 6th of August, digital is available now, both through their shop.