Death Valley Girls hit the streets once again with a single release of ‘Breakthrough’. A very charming and inviting success at merging the ‘old rock’ sound into a modern sound. They’ve got their influences tied into their groove without relying to much on just ‘sound like they did okay!’.

Having never listened to the group prior, it very much sold me on working through their discography, for which there are three albums ‘Street Venom’, ‘Glow In The Dark’ and ‘Darkness Rains’. Side A, ‘Breakthrough’ is a rock n roll calling card for the demand that the group request. Welcome to the present quote of “how did this band pass me by?” THANKFULLY, we’re all connected, we can all access, so we cannot be starved to discover more. The plodding of the single is just nothing short of getting at least the feet tapping. The beat and rhythm will make you twitch in all the right ways.

Side B ‘Rock N’Roll/EGA’ A open love letter to frankly, why music is fucking good for every aspect of the human condition, can only render positive vibes for any listener. We’ve all known a moment of distance (not talking about whatever 2020 is/was) and how music solved the cause before it hit a crisis. Those who know, sold their soul many moons ago, so we do relate.

Great single, look forward to diving face first into their catalogue.

Death Valley Girls: Breakthrough – Out Now (Suicide Squeeze Records)