Sometimes, having total freedom for your project can be the biggest prison

The multitalented Spanish artist performed her latest album ‘Thank you for the boots’ at Manchester’s Instituto Cervantes on Saturday 30th May

Maika Makovski

Maika Makovski

She will record a new album on September, along with producer John Parish Amaia Santana

The multitalented singer, composer and actress performed her latest studio album, Thank you for the boots, amongst other surprises that will amaze indie-rock fans. The gig took place at Manchester’s Instituto Cervantes on Saturday 30th May (doors opening at 18:30). Students at LIPA Olivia Gold and Ian Janco supported Makovski’s performance.

After several visits to London and some other British towns like Bath and Kent, this is the first time that Maika Makovski and her band have performed in Manchester; “A few years ago we talked about getting involved in LIPA Spain Tours but we couldn’t make it due to dates; yet, this is such a special project that we kept trying and fortunately, now it’s possible!”, Makovski says cheerfully. She also unveils her strategy to please the English audience: “I’ll do my best, which I always do”, she claims.

Makovski is now working on a play by Carme Portacelli, whose first night is scheduled on next October at National Theatre of Catalunya. “Composing music for theatre is far more different than recording a studio album, but it’s also much more rewarding. Sometimes, having total freedom for your own project can be the biggest prison”, she believes.

Maika Makovski

Maika Makovski

“When I had worked for theatre I’d always based on a theme, on some texts, within a structure wide enough not to feel confined but sufficiently defined so as not to get lost”, she adds.

Makovski won the MAX Prize in 2014 for best musical composition in the play Forest. Besides, she is focused on the album that she will record on September this year, once again along with John Parish, who is known as the producer of PJ Harvey, Eels or Tracy Chapman. She worked with him back in 2009, regarding Maika Makovski album. Jim Barr (Portishead) and Billy Fuller (Robert Plant) also collaborated in this album.

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