It’s safe to say that Chester’s music scene is just a shadow of its big brother Manchester.  It might have something to do with the lack of venues, or maybe just the lack of interest from the ageing demographic of the city, but for somewhere that doesn’t stop fucking raining it is miraculously dry. However, not all hope is lost, all good scenes start with a song – Chester’s Restless Bear Promotions introduces Poisonous Reptilian Colleagues & Co by Liverpudlian band Yammerer might just be that revelation.

The track released can only be described as the love child of The Fall and Slaves with a crazy Can-esque Psychedelic bridge section.  The punchy guitar riff leads us to a satisfying and body electrifying tamed hysteria.  I believe we have a soundtrack for when Hunter S Thompson is surrounded by lizards when arriving in that Las Vegas hotel.

One thing that stands out to me is the structure of the regulated madness.  The ability to dip into psychedelia from punk would make John Lydon physically vomit.  But for everyone else it displays a very clever mind with a very talented band.  I can safely say, if you are also a fan of The Fall nothing will ever be close to similar.  But Yammerer aren’t similar, they are new, channelling Mark E Smith to reignite the Chester scene.  As the vocals so simply put it, “I feel so much better now!”

There is however just one question that remains.  Who are Yammerer? Where can I find them? And when are they bringing out another track!

Yammerer: Poisonous Reptilian Colleagues & Co – out now (Restless Bear)